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Culturally charged commercial advantage

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Crowd DNA is a cultural insights and strategy consultancy with offices in London, Amsterdam, New York and Singapore. Formed in 2008, operating across 55+ markets, we bring together trends specialists, researchers, strategists, designers, writers and film-makers for the world’s most exciting brands…

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Three Workstreams

  • This is where we take the outward view on the world. Thought leadership pieces; trends analysis, future forecasting and mapping the shifts in cultural orthodoxy; understanding need states, influence, how values are changing and the relevance therein for media, products and services.

    This work relies strongly on blending trends exploration and journalistic skills, telling rich and relatable stories that take into account local market nuances. Achieving authenticity in these narratives is key.

  • Shaping brand purpose; readying for launches and new markets; optimising positioning and agile campaign development; journey touchpoints; the specifics of comms and sponsorship testing.

    We mix evidence with inspiration. The methodologies are diverse and fit for purpose (rather than off-the-shelf) and we like to question what’s really important to achieve in the work (which is rarely ‘do people prefer Advert A or Advert B?’). Our Crowd Context toolkit gives us the frameworks and techniques to reach telling, culturally-informed conclusions.

  • We help our clients to build empathy with people, their journeys and their experiences. We work on the development of new products and services – bold innovations informed by an understanding of need states and deployment of value proposition models. We map the consumer paths to purchase and the best places at which a brand can make a difference.

    In-the-moment methodologies come to the forefront here, as do ways to socialise the findings, to truly build audience understanding. There’s an important role for crafting personas and nimble prototyping, too.

Culture & Capabilities


Culture isn’t fluffy – culture is powerful. And while not all brands can be culturally iconic, we believe all must be culturally relevant. This relevancy can manifest itself in myriad ways – utility, empowerment, empathy, motivation, connecting, belonging, straight-up entertaining – but without it you are fighting a losing game. In short, we consider cultural relevancy the stand-out marker of brand health and of future potential.

And so we explore the cultural factors (from the conversations to the codes) of most significance to brands; and then how to apply this understanding to communications, products, services, experiences and growth strategies. Culture, as you can see, means a lot at Crowd DNA.


Strategy development, online and offline consumer research, expert networks, co-creation, future forecasting, social listening, data analysis, storytelling, prototyping, innovation programmes – this is award winning stuff, all underpinned by intelligent frameworks around behavioural and cultural factors, visual analysis, consumer journey models and value proposition techniques.

We approach each brief with creativity and determined energy, bringing together the optimum mix of trends specialists, researchers, strategists, designers, writers and film-makers. Our skill-sets are blended with client objectives, rather than a rigid team structure, in mind.

Working with Crowd DNA we’ve reached extremely insightful results, helping us significantly in defining our marketing and growth action plan.

Nikki Lambert, Marketing Director Europe, Spotify

We now consider Crowd DNA as close partners. By taking time to listen and understand, they have fully immersed us in the lives of music fans. As a direct result of their work, the business has been inspired into developing ever more creative ways of connecting with our audiences.

Federico Bolza, VP Marketing Services, Sony Music