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Culturally charged commercial advantage

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Crowd DNA is a cultural insights and innovation business with offices in London and Amsterdam. Formed in 2008, operating across 45+ markets, we bring together researchers, strategists, designers, writers and film-makers for the world’s most exciting brands…

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Three Guiding Principles

  • Crowd Context

    Research isn’t perfect. People don’t always do things for the reasons they think they do them. Hence we have our Crowd Context portfolio of frameworks and analysis methods. This includes behavioural and cultural factors, visual research methodologies, need state and consumer journey models, and value proposition techniques.

    We’re by no means putting all of our eggs in one basket, instead exploring and finessing different approaches as appropriate. Essentially, it’s a ‘survival of the fittest’ strategy – strong and relevant frameworks will grow and prosper; the weaker ones will evolve or get replaced by exciting new ideas. That’s the best way, as far as we’re concerned.

  • Fluid Project Design

    The audience view is vital, but we don’t want to slow your work down. Thus we focus on smart tactics and practical solutions to capture live insights and dynamic feedback; aligning our processes with the pace our clients require us to operate at. In tandem, we have in-house prototyping capabilities, enabling the fast paced creation of concepts and product innovations.

    Leveraging Technology

    Adopting both DIY tools and custom research platforms, we use technology to get to in-the-moment responses (to be there when people interact with brands, comms, products and other people) and to reduce research bias. Strategic partnerships with tech companies offer constant development opportunities on the online community and mobile tools that we use.

  • Story-Telling And Stakeholder Engagement

    We believe it’s the stories in our work that drive business change. Hence we ensure our insights and strategic recommendations are wrapped in relatable narratives; that we create opportunities for stakeholders to immerse themselves in and genuinely interact with the work.

    Creating Content From Insight

    Working on a principle of editorialising insight, we’ve helped our clients share evidenced recommendation through producing high quality print material, films, websites and events. We take the creative delivery of our work very seriously indeed.


    Our multi-discipline teams design, build and test as they go. It’s the only way to get to winning products and propositions.

Two Workstreams

Insight &

Qual, quant, co-creation, trends, storytelling, prototyping – this is award winning stuff, all underpinned by intelligent frameworks around behavioural and cultural factors, visual analysis, consumer journey models and value proposition techniques.

As such, you’ll find us working on product, comms and proposition development, audience understanding and path to purchase briefs, segmentation, user experience and cultural exploration commissions for some of the most demanding brands in the world. We approach each with creativity and determined energy – our goal is to see tangible end results from our work.


This side of Crowd DNA socialises insight through creative delivery, thought leadership and consultancy. The team comprises film makers, writers, designers and strategists. We create content to ignite audience and trends understanding within complex businesses. Films, print media, digital, events – you name it, we produce it. We work with our own insight material. We also audit/editorialise the material created by other agencies.

Our consultancy services look inside businesses to unlock the insight and innovation that resides, often untapped, within teams – running workshops, stakeholder audits, understanding and optimising knowledge-sharing cultures, creating the platforms and channels to facilitate this.

We now consider Crowd DNA as close partners. By taking time to listen and understand, they have fully immersed us in the lives of music fans. As a direct result of their work, the business has been inspired into developing ever more creative ways of connecting with our audiences.

Federico Bolza, VP Marketing Services, Sony Music

Working with Crowd DNA we’ve reached extremely insightful results, helping us significantly in defining our marketing and growth action plan.

Nikki Lambert, Marketing Director Europe, Spotify