Twitter & Music Fandom

Great to see some coverage of our work into music fandom getting out there - this initial instalment exploring the notion of the retweet as the new autograph...

Published on Twitter’s blog, the post explains: “retweets from artists or bands are now as highly prized by music fans as autographs. New research underlines the role Twitter plays for fans, who can not only connect with their favorite artists and bands, but discover new music and join the buzz around concerts and festivals.

The study, conducted for Twitter by Crowd DNA , found that 74% of music fans on Twitter say a Retweet by their favourite artist is as desirable as a traditional autograph. Findings point to the value fans place in getting recognition from their favourite artists and in seeing their Tweet shared with other fans.”

It also fleshes the thinking out through some nice examples of fan-artist interactions with the likes of Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Years & Years, before adding: “as many as 80% of music fans on Twitter use it before, during or after a gig or a festival. And for music fans who can’t make it to live events, 59% say that Twitter allows them to feel involved, wherever they are.”

With a reach which extended from mainstream music to grassroots activity, festivals to nostalgia bands, the fandom project incorporated quantitative work, desk research of academic studies into fandom, ethnographic pieces, plenty of workshopping with experts and, naturally, social media analysis.

How brands can leverage the power of fandom was a pivotal area of focus. Look forward to more findings getting circulated in the near future.