Tech Transformations

Introducing our global tech transformations study for Facebook...

We’re delighted to be able to share a first instalment from our major study on how technology is transforming lives in partnership with Facebook IQ. Titled Tech Transformations, this project identifies, explores and ultimately celebrates a host of new forces that are impacting lives globally.

This study had us on the ground in Nigeria (Lagos), South Korea (Seoul), the UK (London) and US (Brooklyn and San Francisco), interviewing experts and early adopters, and conducting ethnographic and remote-ethno methods. We also ran a quantitative survey in all markets, dug deep into secondary trends sources and were informed by internal data analysis from Facebook.




We’ll be able to share much more about the work, including film content, in the coming months, with the trends falling into these five thematic areas:

Personal Sustainability 

In an age where we can monitor, map and predict what’s going on inside of us, technology isn’t just about simplifying our lives. It’s about giving us the ability to engineer the best possible version of ourselves, with the ultimate aim of ensuring our own personal sustainability. 

Mobile Empowerment

As underserved populations in emerging markets gain access to the internet for the first time – notably through mobile devices – they are discovering the benefits of economic, entrepreneurial, educational and other opportunities previously unavailable. 

Playing With Food

As food culture expands online and local cuisine becomes global, there’s a growing consciousness around sustainable food production to combat future shortages and environmental drawbacks. 

Reinventing Rituals

As technology penetrates our everyday lives, it’s altering how we interact with each other, reshaping rituals, transforming old traditions and amplifying celebrations.

Embracing Identity

How people express themselves in terms of age, gender, looks, sexual orientation, relationships, spirituality and more is no longer binary.

Tech Transformations For 2016 And Beyond