The rise of family cinema-going looks to be about more than just the 'Frozen effect', says Crowd DNA director, Euan Mackay, as he explores the latest FAME data (while trying to get a certain song out of his head)...

We have been fortunate enough to work alongside Digital Cinema Media for the last three years on the cinema industry currency research project (FAME). This week, I went along to speak at the launch of this year’s findings, talking through some of the more interesting themes to have emerged.

The survey covers a multitude of topics, so provides a mountain of data on cinema-goers, particularly when the option to multibase/fuse to TGI is taken into account. Here are some key takeouts for you:

– Cinema remains an important leisure pursuit in the UK with 48% of the population having been to the movies in the last month

– Cinema admissions seem to be somewhat Netflix-proof as admissions remain as strong as the last two years; though the impact is being felt in terms of movie rentals – both physical and digital are down from last year

– Cinema instills positive energising emotions compared to other media. It’s more likely to make people feel excited, happy and stimulated

– Cinema creates buzz and talkability. 67% say that watching a film in the cinema gives them something to chat about

– It’s still a great advertising vehicle. 87% having seen advertising before the main film

One interesting dynamic in the data relates to the rise and rise of family viewing at the cinema. As someone who is still laden with a Bear Necessities earworm after taking my five-year-old daughter to see the Jungle Book (Bill Murray and Christopher Walken are excellent), this struck a chord with me.

We see that family viewing has increased again for the third year running, suggesting more of an on-going trend than simply a ‘Frozen-effect’. Going to the movies is a real considered activity for families, who are more likely to plan their trip in advance. They are also more likely to consider a trip to the movies as a great way to spend quality time with others. And talking of spending, families go beyond the bare necessities when it comes to splashing out in the foyer – with an average spend of £17.30 compared to £12.90 for the average cinema-goer.

Now, altogether… Look for the Bear Necessities…