New Jobs @ Crowd DNA

Roll up, roll up for exciting roles in insight and innovation - all located in our lovely Hoxton Square London HQ...

Director/associate director (business & strategy)

We’re looking for someone to join our business and strategy team in a director or associate director role. This is the team at Crowd DNA which takes the lead in areas such as project design, business development, communicating the agency offering, new innovations and strategic direction. It’s very much a central role in the business, collaborating with our specialist qual, quant, trends, innovation and creative delivery teams to ensure the shaping and execution of trailblazing work. As such, we’re after someone who’s commercially savvy, super industrious, open to bold new approaches and grasps the bigger picture (ie, that the world of insight and innovation is changing very quickly!). As denoted by the associate director or director status, there is some flexibility over the level of seniority here but, broadly, we’re looking for the following:

– While we don’t anticipate fieldwork being a high priority in this role, a rock solid understanding of different research/analysis techniques (specifically qual), including new innovations, is key

– Demonstrating experience of multi-market projects will be very beneficial; a track record in the design and execution of innovative comms, product and proposition development work even more so

– An interest in trends and the type of brands and challenges that Crowd DNA gets involved with (look around this website if you need more of an idea) is important, as is evidence of how you’ve met business challenges in the past

– While we don’t view this as an outright sales role, you must be the type of person who has an appetite for building relationships, understanding client needs, communicating what’s great about our agency and, ultimately, winning top notch work through brilliantly crafted solutions.

Executive/Consultant (quant & analytics)

There’s some flexibility in this opportunity to join our quant and analytics team – it’s either an entry level role for an enthusiastic and confident individual or, with some tweaking to the criteria, one for someone looking to join at consultant level (think senior research exec). The successful candidate will be responsible for drafting questionnaires, project managing quantitative fieldwork, and analysing data to draw out compelling findings. You’ll be supported by senior team members to develop your research skills, as you assist on a range of key accounts across categories such as media, tech, retail, alcohol and entertainment. The ideal candidate is likely to exhibit the following:

– Relevant work experience/placements/internships for the exec; more solid agency experience for the consultant

– A tangible enthusiasm for working with data and for doing so in new and novel ways

– An inquisitive and analytical mind, but also the creativity to think about new and compelling ways to present work and tell stories

– Highly organised, with excellent attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure

– Someone who’s positive, keen to develop, and who can operate with equal ease as part of a team or working autonomously

Executive (business & strategy)

This is a starter level role in the same business and strategy team outlined for the associate director/director role above. We want someone who’s willing to be highly pro-active, to learn quickly and to take on responsibility at pace. As such, we can offer you the opportunity to gain fast-track experience in what makes agencies and clients (across sectors like social media, tech, alcohol, fashion retail) tick; you’ll get to play a role in pitches and project set up for amazing brands and across multiple markets. The ideal candidate is likely to have the following:

– Relevant work experience/placements/internships

– Highly organised, with excellent attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure; excellent copy writing skills and a good sense for design

– An interest in trends and the type of brands and challenges that Crowd DNA gets involved with (look around this website if you need more of an idea) is important

– We don’t want a budding sales Rottweiler, but we do want someone who’s looking to approach the world of insight and innovation with a keen focus on meeting client needs and helping grow Crowd DNA

The roles comes with competitive salaries and benefits package, plus clear paths to promotion. It’s an entrepreneurial and energised environment, fast paced and collaborative. If you fancy working in a place where setting the agenda for the future of insight and innovation is coded into the culture, please do get in touch.