Lux Disrupt

We're back with an autumn series of events. First up, get set to discover the future of premium and luxury over breakfast at Crowd DNA HQ (London)...

Date: Sept 22, 2016

Time: 8.15-9am

Location: Crowd DNA, 5 The Lux Building, 2-4 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NU

Join us for our next breakfast session on September 22. Titled Lux Disrupt, we’re taking a look at how the digital world is making the concept of luxury ever less tangible, examining key trends in the premium market.

In this session, Elizabeth Holdsworth from our Socialise team will be forecasting how brands can communicate with the luxury consumers of the future; exploring how brands are selling luxury and premium to a generation less interested in material possessions than with likes and lols.

From instantly accessible fashion collections to the rise of athleisure, hip-hop DJs spraying magnums for their Snapchat fans to the high value of sleep, it’s all here.

Join us in the Lux(!) Building for delicious pastries, coffee and juices, and even more delicious insights from the friendly folk at Crowd DNA.  Contact Jason Wolfe if you and/or colleagues would like to attend.