On a mission to socialise insight, exciting times as our new division opens for business...

Called Crowd DNA\Socialise, we’re launching a new agency division to specialise in ‘socialising insight’ for clients through creative delivery, thought leadership and consultancy services.

To make it all possible, we assembled a crack team of project directors, strategists, film makers, writers and designers, with ‘making businesses more insightful’ at the heart of the new proposition.

Services offered include:

Content & Experiences

Creating bespoke media and experiences to enable client teams to get closer to customers, trends and culture

Producing films, print media, digital, immersive events and more to help client teams get closer to customers, trends and culture.

Auditing, Curating, Editorialising

Working with existing data and research material, packaging it to drive engagement

Sometimes more primary research is the last thing businesses need. We audit the mountains of insight that businesses often sit on, creating content and experiences to maximise engagement and return on investment.

Making Teams More Insightful

Helping clients access the untapped audience understanding that sits within their teams

Facilitating the development of more insightful client teams. From one day workshops to on-going programmes with supporting collateral.

Platforms & Culture Change

Devising the channels and knowledge sharing strategies that make businesses more enduringly insightful

Businesses are packed with insightful people, but sometimes the systems and internal cultures aren’t nearly so smart. Through strategy and platform/channel development, we look to fix that.

Crowd DNA\Socialise is headed up by Anna Chapman, who joins us after a lengthy career in journalism and content, including for Seven (senior social content producer) and Ogilvy (editorial director). Breaking this out as a separate division allows us to turbo-charge our considerable existing experience in these areas, developing a deeper skill set, more defined products and a stronger ethos around the benefits of socialising insight.

Of course, through our other business division, Crowd DNA\Insight & Innovation, we’re very much still in the game of offering bespoke research methods, a cultural focus, storytelling techniques and strategic thinking to answer business challenges around audience understanding, user experience, consumer journeys and comms, product and brand development.

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