The World In Ten Blocks

We love fresh ways of sharing narratives and building empathy with people, and this work from Lost Time Media, an immersive journey through Toronto's multi-cultural Bloorcourt neighbourhood, gets a major thumbs up...

To borrow from the website: The World In Ten Blocks arrives at a time when documentary makers are creating immersive online experiences that explore different territory from traditional narrative films. Situated somewhere between the cutting edge of virtual reality and the old-school elegance of point-and-click adventures, Ten Blocks drops users right onto Bloor Street on a sunny afternoon and allows them to navigate a curated tour of the neighbourhood.

A plethora of videos, photos old and new and text are all woven together by the stop-motion-esque experience of taking your own walk up and down the street, stopping in on shop owners and absorbing the ambience of being there.

Enjoy! The World In Ten Blocks