How To Speak Man

Crowd DNA associate director Jake Goretzki discussed the changing face of masculinity at our latest Rise breakfast event in London. Find out how to master the language below...

Masculinity has changed. In the past, the man used to be the man. He was strong, could fly solo, didn’t understand women and defined himself as ‘not gay’. He was the foundation of patriarchy. But as society challenges traditional attitudes and gives a voice to all, how should brands speak to men?

First, let’s make it clear that we’re talking about leading edge Millennials here and tensions remain from the persistence of toxic masculinity personified by the likes of the alt-right, Trump and Jeremy Clarkson.

We’ve observed that today’s man is more emotional: being open, supportive and communicative is key to overcoming issues of loneliness and depression. Women are now his peers and friends… so long to the old bantz and #everydaysexism. Progressiveness is a value he holds dear, and he welcomes gender and sexual fluidity. Finally, he’s an involved dad, loves it, and doesn’t want to escape ‘the bloody kids’ anymore.

Brands like Diesel, Lynx and Old Spice are doing a great job at talking to this new ‘thoughtful man’. What’s their secret? Speaking to men and women as one, working on male happiness, talking to the involved dad, portraying the many nuances of masculinity, but most of all being bold! Enjoy disrupting and subverting traditional category conventions when it comes to gender – men and women will love it.

We enjoy talking about men so much that we’ve made a digital magazine about How To Speak Man. Please email for your copy.