Meet the CrowdStars

Introducing CrowdStars, our network of thinkers, influencers, creators and culture-shapers...

There are times when the answers to the most pressing questions will not come from consumer research, but from connecting with experts. CrowdStars is our global network, comprising of a diverse spectrum of credible and intelligent minds who bring context, rigour and sparkling new dimensions to our strategic thinking.

Our CrowdStars network consists of over 200 experts, based in 35 markets and embraces fields as varied as academia, psychology, anthropology, design, health, beauty, retail, media, tech, food, celebrity, sport, family, music, fashion and relationships.

We work closely with the CrowdStars network to shake up conventional thinking within businesses; to get to deeper levels of understanding and the breakthrough ideas that offer strong, commercial advantage.

CrowdStars Amanda Rijff & Suzanne Noble
CrowdStars Amanda Rijff & Suzanne Noble

Applications for CrowdStars are diverse, but include:

– Immersive workshops and co-creation sessions, bringing experts and client stakeholders together

– Transferable learnings from out-of-category experts to spark new ideas and innovations

– Expert interviews and roundtables to dig deeper into key themes

– Future forecasting reports

– Use of blogging, mobile and online community platforms to connect with experts remotely

We’ve worked successfully with CrowdStars experts for clients in the tech, alcohol, FMCG, beauty and entertainment categories. Please do get in contact to hear more about how CrowdStars can work for you.

Here’s a short film we made about CrowdStars: