Crowd Communities!

Building on solid experience in the field, we're excited to be boosting our online communities offer at Crowd DNA...

Crowd Communities is Crowd DNA’s newly launched business specialism. We’re not actually new to online communities. We’ve been running them for years for the likes of IKEA,, Sony Music and Channel 4. But now we’re giving the offer an even stronger position within our business – recognising the value of online communities in developing deep and continuous relationships with target audiences for our clients.

Online Communities Director

Sabrina Qureshi joins Crowd DNA as online communities director. Previously head of online communities at Harris Interactive, she brings extensive experience in all areas from best practice and team development, to platform innovation and client relations.

 1# Communities For Rich Immersion

We’ve a passion for communities that provide rich immersion in the lives of people, creating bold content and powerful narratives. These communities allow stakeholders to truly empathise with consumers and to map their products and services against the wider cultural context. We augment this work with our own trends research, social listening and in-house content creation to socialise findings.

2# Communities For Innovation

Online communities can also play a vital role in fuelling innovation pipelines, allowing for fast and iterative work at all points from need states exploration to prototype development and user experience. Sometimes we blend online communities with offline methods. Often the work requires intense collaboration with stakeholder teams.

Best Practice

There’s a lot of moving parts to an online community. Our skill-set extends across recruitment, participant and stakeholder engagement, method design and performance metrics. Moreover, we bring the same highly developed analysis techniques, cultural understanding and means of sharing findings to online communities as we do to all of our great work at Crowd DNA.


Crowd DNA’s work is extremely global – we’ve operated in over 45 markets in the last year alone – and our online communities offer follows suit. Right now, we’re running communities in China, Japan, Sweden, the UK, Brazil, India and the US.

Long-term & Pop-Up

There’s a place for long-term communities, environments in which to foster continuous dialogue with people. Equally, there’s a role for shorter term communities, created to meet a more specific objective. Different communities require different dynamics and we design accordingly.

Platform Agnostic

We don’t have a community platform of our own and we’re pleased about that! We get to compare and contrast a spectrum of supplier options, choosing the most appropriate fit for a particular project and making sure their development goals are in line with our needs. Our communities are mobile enabled and multi-featured (from capturing videos and images, to blogging, in-the-moment discussion, and tools to test products).

To talk more about online communities get in touch with Sabrina: