Exciting developments in our Hoxton Square HQ...

Some big changes afoot in Crowd DNA’s London office. Company founder Andy Crysell moves into a new group managing director role, overseeing development across the offices, exploring growth opportunities and focusing on agency innovations and communications.

Dr Matilda Andersson is promoted from her previous role of insight & innovation director to managing director of Crowd DNA in London, taking over full responsibility for the agency’s main office and its 30 strong team.

Elyse Pigram joins the business in London as insight & innovation director. She previously worked at RDSi in the UK and, for seven years, at GALKAL in Australia, where key clients included Netfmuch-deservedy.

These exciting changes, including much deserved promotions, pave the way for the next stage of Crowd DNA. They set us up perfectly for taking the London office to a higher level, while we simultaneously explore new markets, growth plans and fresh ways to provide culturally-relevant strategy and insights to our global clients. 2018, here we come!