Interning @ Crowd DNA

We spoke to three of our intern-turned-employees about their journeys at Crowd DNA, and what they got from an initial placement with us...

Internships at Crowd DNA have nothing to do with making tea. We offer hands-on placements to people at all stages in their careers; giving aspiring researchers, creatives and strategists a chance to learn more about cultural insight work. From day one, our interns get to input on real projects for amazing brands. These internships often lead to permanent roles – with that in mind, here’s what three of our former interns had to say about their journeys at Crowd.

Robert Downer, exec (strategic insights)

I discovered Crowd when I was studying for my master’s. I wanted a career change after working in education management and I thought that insight would be ideal for me. I like meeting new people, exploring ideas and being creative. But to get into a new industry, I knew I would need experience (both for my CV and for myself), so I thought an internship was a good way to go.

On my first day at the Hoxton Square office, everyone was friendly, open and super smart. I got stuck in and started working with some huge brands from the get go. In my first month, I worked on an online community, conducted interviews and even went on fieldwork. I was completely trusted, and that’s what I liked about the internship: I wasn’t treated like an intern at all. I was part of the team.

Now that I’m an exec, I take a lead role on projects for major clients, receive regular training and feel supported in all areas of my progression. Interning at Crowd was a great choice for me at a crucial turning point in my career.

Salem Khalazi, exec (Socialise creative team)

I became an intern in quite an unusual way: as a project participant. I was hanging out in Hoxton Square when two of the Crowd team walked towards me with a video camera. They were collecting voxpops and wanted my thoughts on the future of music television.

I didn’t know much about cultural insights at the time – only that I wanted to develop my skills as a designer in a professional setting. So, after my brief stint as a voxpopper, I sent my portfolio to the team and dived into a seemingly random opportunity. It was this curiosity and can-do attitude that shaped my first month as an intern. I threw myself into creative projects, big and small, and was trusted to design infographics about Canadian millennials for a key client. Eventually, I was offered a job in the Socialise team helping to bring insights to life via creative delivery.

Crowd DNA now plays a huge part in shaping a future where I’d like to build visual experiences that explore our ever-changing culture. Crowd’s blend of strategic insights and game-changing creativity is the perfect place to hone my skills.

Marjory Drevet, exec (strategic insights)  

Studying people and culture has always been a personal interest, especially during my recent travels across America and Europe. I thought that a cultural insights agency would be a great place for me to turn this knowledge into a profession, so I got in touch with Crowd DNA.

Originally from France, I was put straight to work on a project about Parisian youth culture. It was really illuminating and I was surprised how my generation represented a relevant behavioural shift for brands. The project allowed me to view my background from a different perspective and assess what opportunities there were for brands. 

After six weeks of intense learning and involvement, the internship confirmed my interest in connecting brands to people, and explaining people to brands. My ultimate goal is to inspire companies with culture, and being at Crowd DNA finally allows me to settle down and build on this expertise. I couldn’t be more ‘Crowd Proud’ that I’m now officially part of the team.

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