Crowd Numbers

We're pleased to present a new look to our quant and analytics offer. Oh yeah, and a new director to run things, too!

Bringing new dimensions to our mission of creating culturally charged commercial advantage, we’re rebranding our quant and analytics offer as Crowd Numbers. This is about giving data and quantitative work a louder voice in our business. Additionally, under the new banner, as well as continuing to provide online survey solutions, we will venture further into areas such as passive tracking, data synthesis, social listening and machine learning.

We already have a first-rate team and high quality case studies to build on with Crowd Numbers. And now we also have an exciting new addition to our line up of directors to run this part of the business. David Power, formerly a director at RDSi and client side at Hachette and Future Publishing, joins in November.

He’ll be leading Crowd Number, with teams in London and Leeds, and directing all services that they provide across the Crowd DNA’s global offices.

“As a long term admirer of Crowd DNA, I am thrilled to be joining an agency at the forefront of understanding people, culture and the implications for brands,” says David. “Quantitative research is evolving rapidly – you need to be open to incorporating alternative data sources, telling engaging stories and embracing cultural context to drive change.”

We’re excited by this news and hope you are too. To find out more about Crowd Numbers, do get in touch.