Inside China (Again!)

People keep asking us about our recent China breakfast event - we thought we'd better run it again...

Date: Nov 6

Time: 15.00-16.00

Location: Crowd DNA, 5 Lux Building, 2-4 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NU

It’s tea and biscuits, this time, rather than coffee and croissants, as Crowd DNA’s China expert Chris Illsley leads an afternoon session, in which he’ll guide us through five cultural shifts that are vital to grasp if you want to realise brand potential in this ever-fascinating market.

China is an essential strategic pillar for most international brands. The opportunity is clear; it represents high value, the world’s biggest economy in terms of purchasing power, and a middle class emerging at scale. Everyone is rushing to get involved – but it’s not easy. Quick wins are rare, and the failures far outnumber the success stories.

What’s more, if you always think about China ‘vs the West’ (like many Western audiences tend to), the trends and movements often feel extreme, hard to empathise with and confusingly contradictory. Information isn’t difficult to come by, but it’s tough to piece together and understand the everyday reality.

So what are the new values shaping modern China, and what do they mean for international brands and businesses in search of new opportunities?

Building on work conducted in categories such as apparel, finance and alcohol, we’ll bring a rich and tangible sense of China’s changing values. For afternoon tea, biscuits and a ‘how-to’ guide to China, please fill out this form or contact for an invite.