More Than A Number

Our breakfast events are back for 2020! First up: Crowd Numbers director Dave Power and senior consultant Ed Bird on the hurdles facing quant research, and how it’s coming out swinging. Sign up for a first look at the future of quant...

Date: Feb 13

Time: 8.15-9am

Location: Crowd DNA, 5 Lux Building, 2-4 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NU

Quantitative research has long been described as robust, comprehensive, indisputable – but is that still the case? From wayward polling predictions to lazy reporting, quant methodologies are facing more and more scrutiny, and they’re not always rising to the challenge. Tech startups from outside the industry are seeing the opportunity in shortcuts, getting to an answer quicker and cheaper. In short, quant research has become complacent.

But quant is fighting back, and Crowd Numbers is in its corner. Join us at our first breakfast event of 2020, where the Crowd Numbers team will take you through the rise, fall and return of quant; how it’s survived the troublesome teens and where it’s heading in the new decade. We’ll be solving all your quant-related qualms, including:

• How can quant adapt for the future of demographic differences?

• What does ‘storytelling’ mean when you’re confronted with data sets, and how can you realistically turn them into content?

• What role does culture play in unlocking quantitative insight? (No prizes for guessing our stance on this).

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