Our Crowd Numbers quant team have partnered with Norstat to start investigating some of the mid- and post-pandemic themes that are emerging...

With the picture changing so quickly, we are a little suspicious of anyone making particularly bold claims for what life post-pandemic will be like. Instead, we’ve focused on more channelled and specific work, focusing on the very real and particular challenges our clients are facing across different categories and markets.

But we do think there is now the potential to starting pinpointing and tracking some areas of sentiment. And hence we’ve partnered with Norstat to gather data across the next weeks, using a UK sample.

We will flesh this work out as the weeks go by; revisiting themes that we feel are worth tracking; and also introducing new themes as they become more pertinent.



With reports that advertising budgets are being slashed across the board, does this leave consumers in the dark as to where to spend their post crisis cash? 58% of UK consumers agree that brands should continue to advertise throughout lockdown and 34% agree that they are just waiting to get in store and treat themselves to some retail therapy. Now is not the time to go quiet on your customers.

ACTION POINTS: Don’t go quiet on consumers. Be vocal in both marketing and PR. Demonstrate your role in the community and be a destination for consumers when they return to the highstreet.


Consumers are rallying to save their favourite brands from the brink, as both big and small brands start to fall casualty to the crisis. 72% of consumers say they will be sad to see some brands disappear due to Covid-19 and 68% said they would be willing to help local independent shops navigate the crisis.

They are particularly willing to help those supporting the vulnerable, with 60% saying they will continue to align with those brands post-pandemic. But for now, attitudes appear ahead of behaviour, as only 45% agree that they are actively trying to spend more with the independents, and only 33% say they have been exposed to new brands during this spell.

ACTION POINTS: Demonstrate that even global brands can have community value, and promote local produce/products where possible. Consumers are willing to help but need to know how. With marketing down, consumers are missing out on opportunities to help brands in the way they wish.


72% agree that Covid-19 will have a lasting effect on British culture, and hopefully a positive one. 41% say they will continue to give up time to help the vulnerable, and 42% said that they will make more time to help out in their community.

And what’s more British than the pub? If British culture does change, the average punter does not want to lose their watering hole. 72% said they feared for the future of their local bars and restaurants. But when we do emerge from our homes, it will be to commute back to the office. Only 31% agree that they will try to work from home more often post-pandemic. And with 69% agreeing Covid-19 will have had a positive effect on the environment, it should be a more pleasant commute at that.

ACTION POINTS: Consumers believe the new normal to be a brighter one, with more community care and more support for the vulnerable. Cafe culture and bars/restaurants may see a bounce back as consumers remember how good socialising can be. Don’t abandon office spaces as your staff want to get back in the office with their colleagues.

Check in with Crowd Numbers director Dave Power to learn more about this work – and about Crowd DNA’s quantitative capabilities more broadly.

*  Crowd DNA’s Numbers team collaborated with Norstat on this work, surveying an 18+ nat rep UK sample on April 4.