June 17 webinar - we're sharing fresh thinking and practical direction on how we apply scenario planning to strategy work...

  • Session 1: June 17, 08.30 (BST)/17.30 (AEST)

Hosted by Crowd DNA London & Sydney 

  • Session 2: June 17, 16.00 (BST)/11.00 (EDT)

Hosted by Crowd DNA London & New York 

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Head along to this webinar to learn about our culturally charged version of scenario planning, and how it guides our clients to exciting and credible results. These sessions will demonstrate the relevance of scenario planning to marketing and product teams – in areas ranging from brand and comms, to new market entries and innovation work.

Scenario planning is a tried and tested method for exploring credible alternative futures. It’s always a powerful approach, but we’re finding it particularly so as brands look to plan against the uncertainties of life post-pandemic. Pinning a strategy on one forecasted future seems a little unrealistic right now. Instead, scenario planning allows us to explore a range of credible futures, including getting beyond the limitations of the ’official future’.

And our approach to scenario planning dials up the cultural perspective, building on Crowd DNA’s firmly held POV that this is the way to commercial advantage. This session (accessed via Zoom; 45 mins including Q&A) will cover:

– General principles on future forecasting

– Why scenario planning encourages brave thinking without sacrificing focus

– What culturally charging the scenario planning process looks like

– Introducing our approach and how we use it

– Our approach in practice (using the role of the home – something we’ve all become highly acquainted with in recent months – and how it may change as our example)

– Summary and take-outs for successfully using culturally charged scenario planning in your business


London & Sydney session: Dr Matilda Andersson & Elyse Pigram

Dr Matilda Andersson: Crowd DNA London and Amsterdam managing director, Matilda is a foresight expert who has mapped out scenarios for clients in retail, FMCG, tech and alcohol categories. Before joining Crowd DNA, she managed future forecasting for BBC Studio’s science, history and documentary slate, populating the production pipeline with scenarios five years in advance. 

Elyse Pigram: Director of Crowd DNA Sydney, Elyse has been helping clients across category and markets navigate new terrain for almost a decade. From new market launches to capturing the zeitgeist of shifting consumer communities, her experience mapping futures and pinpointing strategic opportunities is extensive.

London & New York session: Dr Matilda Andersson & Hollie Jones

Hollie Jones: Director of Crowd DNA New York, Hollie has over a decade of qualitative research experience. She has supported clients across categories including automotive, hospitality, beauty and technology in tapping global and local culture to identify opportunities, build strategies and plan for the future.

If you’d like to ‘come along’ to either session, sign up here