We're looking for a new recruit to join our business and strategy team at Crowd DNA's London HQ in lovely Hoxton Square...

The focus in this team is on external communication of the agency, business development, responding to briefs, project design, developing future strategy alongside our directors, briefing in new commissions to the project teams and having a strategic overview on live work.

What we’re looking for:

- There’s some flexibility over the seniority of the role (with pay and expectations to match), but this is most likely for someone with between 18 months and four years of agency experience

- We say ‘agency experience’, as while you might well be working in the insight field, there’s also scope for hiring someone with a background in a different type of agency (creative, strategy, media etc)

- We want someone who demonstrates an interest in insight, strategy work and trends, but who also comes equipped with a particularly commercial brain; if you can show any previous experience in something business development-related, that’s a plus

- You’ll need to be seriously pro-active, super-quick at taking on new challenges and not short on confidence (we’ll want to get you speaking with clients ASAP; you’ll be expected to collaborate with director level staff)

- First rate communication skills (both verbal and how you get ideas down on paper and in presentations) is absolutely key

We can offer a competitive salary and benefits for the role. As importantly, we’re firmly convinced there’s few other openings out there that will give you exposure to such an amazing array of clients and fascinating people/culture-oriented business challenges. It’s an entrepreneurial and energised environment, fast paced and collaborative. If you fancy working in a place where setting the agenda for the future of insight and innovation is coded into the culture, please get in touch with Crowd DNA managing director Andy Crysell, attaching a CV and covering letter.

Catch us at the MRS day devoted to discussing and debating social media behaviours and trends on February 8, 2018...

Our head of insights and innovation, Dr Matilda Andersson, will be presenting at the event; furthering our recent agelessness work and looking at the role of social media in forging cross-generational communication.

Social media is often described as the new bus stop or park bench: a space for teenagers to hang out with each other, away from their parents. However, Matilda will be proposing that social media can also be important for bridging gaps between generations, bringing them closer together. Her insight is grounded in demographic trends, which show the gap between young and old decrease as Gen Z grows up faster, millennials delay adulthood and Gen X and Boomers live in very different ways to their parents.

More info here

New Hires In London

Hot on the heels of adding to our team in NYC, we're happy to welcome some new faces in London...

Busy times at Crowd DNA. Fresh from confirming exciting additions to the team in New York, we’ve new hire action to report in Hoxton Square.

Sabrina Qureshi joins in a newly created online communities director role in London. Previously head of communities at Harris Interactive, Sabrina will build out Crowd DNA’s capabilities in running online communities, with a particular focus on those designed to provide rich immersion and to fuel innovation programmes.

Sarah Griffiths joins as a consultant in the business and strategy team in London. She was previously at branding agency Smith Dawson.

And we’ve two roles still to fill at present in London:

Insight & Innovation Director – more info here

Quant & Analytics Consultant/Exec – more info here

We've a fantastic opportunity for an experienced, culturally and commercially switched on researcher to join our London team...

Reporting to our head of insight and innovation, and also working closely alongside our core management team, this is a newly established senior role at Crowd DNA for an experienced insight and innovation expert who can point to a great track record with high calibre clients.

We’re seeking someone who’s looking to take on significant management responsibilities, operating alongside our head of insight and innovation to ensure our project teams deliver first rate work. You won’t be stepping away from fieldwork completely, but the demands of this role do require a candidate who’s willing to concentrate more on providing directorial level input across a broad spectrum of our work rather than zoning in on just one project. You will line manage and won’t be afraid to demand more of our team (they’re a great team who want to be challenged – they really won’t mind!). Your role will also involve significant collaboration with our business and strategy team, sometimes taking the lead on writing proposals and on project design.

Here’s what we’re looking for -

- Titles vary from agency to agency but we envisage someone joining us who’s currently at associate director level; we’re open to client-side candidates too of a similar degree of seniority

- A strong insight industry background, with the ability to be able to point to work on a range of demanding and future-facing multi-market projects (ideally incorporating qual and quant; and at all points from general project management to methods best practice, razor sharp thinking in the analysis phase and keeping a tight control on budgets)

- A demonstrable record in line and/or team management, including handling resource issues

- Experience of, and an aptitude for, take business development responsibilities, including writing proposals, project design and costing

- We want someone who’s confident and comes armed with strong points of view; but – crucially – someone who absolutely values the opinions and expertise of others as well

- You’ll use this confidence to gain the respect of the internal team; also of clients (including in workshops environments)

- If you can point to particular experience in areas such as product innovation, brand strategy projects and working with major FMCG conglomerates (or similar), that’s good

- You might not have covered off every research method under the sun, but you’ll have ticked off plenty and will be highly receptive to bringing new methods into play

- Experience of socialising insight through films, print, events and other means (all important factors at Crowd DNA) will be helpful

This is a fantastic opportunity to join, in a senior capacity, an agency that gets to work on a huge number of incredibly thought provoking and culturally-oriented projects for amazing brands; and to be a key contributor to how we continue to push the boundaries of what we’re about as a business. To apply, please get in touch with Crowd DNA’s head of insight and innovation, Dr Matilda Andersson, attaching a CV and covering letter.



Joining our super-smart team in Hoxton Square, London, this is an executive or consultant level role for someone who wants to be advancing their quantitative insight skills working on exciting, future-facing projects for an amazing roll call of global clients...

The successful candidate will be responsible for end to end involvement on projects, collaborating with clients and analysing data to draw out compelling findings. You’ll be supported by senior team members to further your capabilities, as you assist on a range of key accounts across categories such as media, tech, retail, alcohol, finance, FMCG and entertainment. 

We’re a highly collaborative bunch with an unswerving passion for staff development – and for assembling a crack squad of researcher, strategists, writers, designers and film-makers with an appetite for cultural understanding and delivering seriously high quality consultancy work. We’re open to candidates at executive and consultant level (think SRE for the latter), and would obviously have different expectations based on seniority, but the ideal candidate is likely to exhibit the following:

- Relevant experience in an agency environment

- A tangible enthusiasm for working with data and for doing so in new and novel ways

- An inquisitive and analytical mind, but also the creativity to think about new and compelling ways to present work and tell stories

- Highly organised, with excellent attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure

- Someone who’s positive, solutions-oriented, keen to develop, and who can operate with equal ease as part of a team or working autonomously

- Having either experience with, or an enthusiasm to learn about, qual methods and how to blend them with quant work a big plus point

The role come with a competitive salary at either exec or consultant level and benefits package, plus clear paths to promotion. It’s an entrepreneurial and energised environment, fast paced and collaborative. If you fancy working in a place where setting the agenda for the future of insight and innovation is coded into the culture, please get in touch with Crowd DNA’s head of insight and innovation Dr Matilda Andersson, attaching a CV and covering letter.

Millennials & Mobility

Crowd DNA’s head of insight and innovation, Dr Matilda Andersson, talked millennials and mobility at Jaguar Land Rover TechFest...

When I was first asked to speak at Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest, I was pretty sure they’d got the wrong person. The truth is I don’t own a car: I can’t even drive. But when I realised the panel was going to discuss millennials and mobility I felt more confident I could contribute to the debate.

As we know, owning a car isn’t the traditional marker of the transition to adulthood that it once was. The same can be said for getting married and having kids. They’re all still happening, just later or in non-traditional ways. Even if cars still play a significant role in the life of today’s millennials, the difference lies in what car ownership means: the values assigned to it, the expectations surrounding it and how it elevates the life of its driver.

But have we reached the end of the road for car ownership? This was the pressing question we were asked to talk about. Beside me on stage were some pretty impressive millennials: online star Daniel Howell, YouTube vlogger Jim Chapman, broadcaster and writer Alice Levine, Neil Sharpe (director of mobility solutions at Bosch), Yihyun Lim (associate director MIT Design Lab) – and Sebastian Peck (managing director Jaguar Land Rover InMotion), who hosted the panel.

While preparing for the debate I summarised mobility into three major shifts which formed my point of view on the day:


Millennials want flexible spaces where they can live, work and relax.

Many millennials live in smaller spaces with fewer rooms than their parents. Most live alone or with flatmates instead of their family. Others save money by living in multi-generational households. They travel more, work more and spend more time outside their homes than previous generations. As a result, millennials crave places to relax, socialise and provide privacy on the move.

As our living spaces continue to shrink and commutes get longer, the car can play its own role in creating a ‘home away from home’ for the millennial cohort.


Millennials want products and services that enhance their life experiences more fully by saving them time and reducing hassle through simple design. Technology plays a crucial role in facilitating the idea that every moment counts and that they can accomplish more in less time. Brands that enable drivers to move seamlessly from one space to the next without interruptions to their connected lifestyles are those that will succeed.


It’s not only the concept of time and space that millennials have redefined, but the idea of luxury and symbols of status. In the eyes of millennials, luxury is no longer just about expense or scarcity. A fatigue from too much luxury is driving consumers towards more casual brands and more conscientious purchases that nurture the health of themselves and the planet.

What if as the luxury market shifts, ownership of exclusive goods will increasingly compete against a demand for experiences and digital bragging rights? What if one ride in a luxury supercar posted on social media was preferable for aspirant millennials than owning vehicle themselves?

At the end of the debate, the audience at TechFest voted and – surprise, surprise – 77% of those in attendance didn’t think we’ve reached the end of the road for car ownership. I managed to get the final word: ‘Ownership might still be relevant but it’s going to change. Shared ownership is the future.’

Here’s a short film we made about these trends:

Growing Our Team In NYC

We’re happy to report we're growing our team at Cooper Square in the East Village...

Things are building in NYC. Next to Hollie Jones, our US director, Isabelle Kåge, previously of Insight Strategy Group, joins the team, bringing a great mix of experience, spanning ethnography and depth interviews through to customer journey mapping and segmentation work.

And Tom Eccles is moving from our London HQ to also join the team in NYC. He’ll be making sure our Socialise skill-set of prototyping and creating content to drive engagement with insight is well and truly embedded in the US business.

It’s been a pretty amazing first three months in NYC, with a great mix of domestic and global projects for telecomms, fashion and social media clients to get us started. We’re really excited to find out what’s in store next – though this will definitely include finally buying some potted plants for the office…

Masculinity Report

Another nice download from Crowd DNA...

This week we hosted a Rise breakfast event in Amsterdam which explored changing attitudes to masculinity, and in particular, what being a man means among millennials. For those who missed it – and our earlier session in London – here’s a PDF on the topic. This download looks at the tensions that have evolved around male identity and is designed to help brands harness opportunities – and speak better to men AND women. Once again, there’s a playlist to soundtrack the insights.

Check out the PDF here

How to Speak Man