New Roles At Crowd DNA NYC

We’re getting set to grow our NYC team. Reach out if you’d like to discuss opportunities…

2020 is just around the corner and we’ve big plans for our NYC office, as we look to take our belief in culturally charged commercial advantage to the next level.

We’re interested in speaking to skilled, dynamic folk who are motivated by our point of view on insight and strategy work (have a look around our website to learn more) and might be looking for a new challenge.

We’re starting the search broadly and speculatively (more specific roles to be advertised next year), so we’re happy to hear from you if you’re qual or quant, a trends specialist or content creator, a biz dev supremo or project manager. Finding people on our wavelength is the main thing.

To set up an informal chat (you can tell us what you’re looking for; we can do likewise), get in touch with Andy Crysell and Hollie Jones

Calling all videographers. We’re on the hunt for a full time, London based film consultant...

We’re looking for a videographer to join the Socialise creative team at Crowd DNA London’s Hoxton Square office. This team – consisting 0f videographers, writers and designers – works alongside our researchers and strategists, creating first-rate content to communicate insight and immerse brands in the lives of audiences around the world.

This role focuses on crafting film content for some of the most brands in the world – as well as creating original content to promote Crowd DNA. If you love to travel, this is the role for you – you’ll be sent around the world, filming and conducting ethnographic research in cities near and far.

Back in London, you’ll be managing the film side of large projects – liaising with client teams and taking on storyboarding, editing, post production and final delivery. You’ll also be tasked with thinking up new ways to use film – whether that’s technique, style or equipment-based.

While this is a film focused role, we’re looking for someone who shows a keen interest in the wider Crowd DNA business. You should be passionate about exploring culture, and have a sense of how it’s important for brands to be engaged with it.

Here’s what we’re looking for in more detail:

– One to three years of solid work experience, ideally including some in an agency environment

– First-rate film and photography skills, including shooting video using Canon film kit and filming interview/documentary-style content

– Equally hot editing skills, with a mastery of the Adobe Creative Suite (especially Premiere Pro; bonus points for After Effects knowledge)

– An aptitude for project management, and an ability to manage the delivery of work in an efficient, punctual and effective manner

– Keen to bring ideas to the table – including testing and developing new formats for socialising trends and insights across businesses

– Enthusiasm to work alongside a team of researchers, strategists, semioticians, designers and writers

– Happy to travel, and work in an often fluid and fast-moving environment

You’ll work with an amazing array of clients, and an equally amazing team, on some of the most stimulating and culturally-driven projects out there. We can offer a competitive salary and benefits, plus clear paths for promotion and new opportunities.

Interested? Please reach out to Phoebe Trimingham with a CV, cover letter and some examples of your film work.

Next level organised? Born to keep even the trickiest of things firmly on the rails? We want you...

Project Producer – project management skills (£23,000-£32,000)

We’re growing our crack squad of project producers in our London office. Here’s what we’re seeking:

Demonstrable project management skills are vital here, as you’ll play a pivotal role in designing and running projects, with touchpoints including liaising with clients, suppliers and, of course, Crowd DNA’s in-house team.

You don’t necessarily need experience in insight and strategy environments – more a track record in ensuring projects run smoothly; managing timelines, sourcing costs, allocating resource etc. Any form of recruitment (experts, artists, influencers) or casting experience is a plus.

The role comes with great benefits (betterment scheme, training, sabbatical, company lunches and days out, flexi hours etc); the chance to work on some of the most stimulating and culturally-driven projects out there; and the opportunity to progress in an exciting and progressive business. To apply (attaching a CV and covering letter), please get in touch with Dr Matilda Andersson.

Exciting New Work Alert!

As so much of our work can’t be shared, it’s great when we do get the chance to. Here’s some exciting projects for Twitter and HSBC

We’ve been working with Twitter in the US, merging machine learning, cultural exploration, semiotics and quant surveying, making sense of billions of tweets to identify trends (18 of them, within six core themes) that have a consistent upward trajectory. Check the work out (with downloadable PDFs aplenty) here.

And we’ve been working with HSBC on the Enrich List – aimed at their high net worth Jade customers – combining cultural analysis and interviews with our Kin network to understand motivational trends for those who have achieved a certain level of wealth; then finding 50 rewarding experiences for personal growth. You can find out more about the approach here. And you can check out the full Enrich List here.

Our last London breakfast event of the year explores how we use social listening to get closer to culture, category and consumers...

Date: November 21

Time: 8.15-9am

Location: Crowd DNA, 5 Lux Building, 2-4 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NU

Social media has changed the way we communicate. In fact, social media has changed almost everything. Our feeds are places for influence, inspiration, staying in touch and endless memes. For consumers, these ever-evolving platforms are increasingly – for good or bad – an extension of identity. For brands, the raw data they host presents a near-endless source of insights. But how do we make sense of it all?

In this session, our in-house social listening experts – associate director, Anna Stuart and consultant, Benji Long – will present the case for how social data can lead to powerful strategic learnings across culture, consumers and category, using (drumroll, please…) The Seven Deadly Skills Of Social Listening. 

This killer toolkit puts multi-tentacled social data into action, highlighting the techniques used to dive into passionate communities; pinpoint the concepts which drive brand, trend and product perception; and recruit the perfect creator-collaborator from social users driving the highest engagement.

We’ll also bust the most common misconceptions around social listening and explore some more detailed case studies. From worldwide trends in beauty, to the functional tensions of car travel and the emotions running high in response to a new campaign, social listening offers a way to decode so much that’s vital to brands, and to their products and comms. 

If you fancy coffee, croissants and smart learnings on social listening, please fill out this form, or contact And feel free to pass this invite on to any colleagues it may interest, data-sceptics and fans alike.

Inside China (Again!)

People keep asking us about our recent China breakfast event - we thought we'd better run it again...

Date: Nov 6

Time: 15.00-16.00

Location: Crowd DNA, 5 Lux Building, 2-4 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NU

It’s tea and biscuits, this time, rather than coffee and croissants, as Crowd DNA’s China expert Chris Illsley leads an afternoon session, in which he’ll guide us through five cultural shifts that are vital to grasp if you want to realise brand potential in this ever-fascinating market.

China is an essential strategic pillar for most international brands. The opportunity is clear; it represents high value, the world’s biggest economy in terms of purchasing power, and a middle class emerging at scale. Everyone is rushing to get involved – but it’s not easy. Quick wins are rare, and the failures far outnumber the success stories.

What’s more, if you always think about China ‘vs the West’ (like many Western audiences tend to), the trends and movements often feel extreme, hard to empathise with and confusingly contradictory. Information isn’t difficult to come by, but it’s tough to piece together and understand the everyday reality.

So what are the new values shaping modern China, and what do they mean for international brands and businesses in search of new opportunities?

Building on work conducted in categories such as apparel, finance and alcohol, we’ll bring a rich and tangible sense of China’s changing values. For afternoon tea, biscuits and a ‘how-to’ guide to China, please fill out this form or contact for an invite.

New Role Shout-Out!

We’re seeking a senior consultant to join our Crowd Numbers team in Leeds...

Cultural insights and strategy consultancy Crowd DNA is seeking a consummately skilled strategic insights expert to join Crowd Numbers, our newly re-branded quantitative and data offer, as a senior consultant. More exciting still, you’ll get to be a formative part of our new Leeds team.

The role will give you the opportunity to work on fabulously diverse and exciting projects for some of the biggest names around. The briefs we get are amazing – truly at the intersection of culture and brands. We want someone who can bring both provocative thinking and total diligence to this type of work, and who can call on circa four plus years of relevant experience.

Here, in more detail, is what we’re looking for:

– You need to have the confidence and necessary experience to take the controls of large and sometimes complex projects; to be an informed, energised and trusted advisor to our clients

– While experience across different categories is important, there’s bonus points if you can show strong understanding of the media/tech sector

– We’re looking for solid evidence of experience in taking projects from start to finish autonomously, including the use of techniques such as segmentation approaches, max diffs and conjoint

– You should have an awareness of the role of quantitative research within the wider agency offering, including experience and opinion on how to integrate your work with qual, social listening, trends and alternative data sources

– Demonstrating experience of working on multi-market projects is important; as is the ability to work within a team. Being confident in presenting your ideas is a must

– We are looking for someone who can produce high-quality proposals and project designs, bringing their own ideas and creativity to each brief

– And someone who can bring a real sense of craft to their work – from the outputs they produce to the strategic recommendations they devise, articulating fresh ideas that have cultural-commercial relevance and that cut through research cliche

– We want someone who’s enthusiastic about working alongside strategists, writers, film-makers and designers; also for collaborating with equal enthusiasm with those in our Leeds, London and overseas teams

The role comes with a competitive salary and benefits, plus clear paths to promotion and to new opportunities. It’s an entrepreneurial and energised environment, fast paced and collaborative. If you fancy working in a place where setting the agenda for the future of cultural insights and strategy is coded into the way of working, get in touch with Crowd Numbers director, David Power, providing a covering letter and CV in the first instance.

Join Our Culture Club

We love the work we do and we're pretty lucky to get to do it. If cultural insights and strategy interests you too, applying for an internship at Crowd DNA is a great way to get started...

Internships have always been good at Crowd DNA, but they just got better. Culture Club is a carefully designed six week programme that brings more rigour and quality to what we can offer those seeking experience in insight and strategy work.

Shaped from observations, conversations and an ambition to truly meet with contemporary needs, Culture Club comes in four stages:

Culture Relevance: immersion in Crowd DNA’s training modules on what we mean by culture, how it manifests and why it matters to brands

How We Work With Culture: exploring the methods and frameworks that we use at Crowd DNA to get close to culture and then to derive strategic meaning from it

Practical Application: theory’s all good, but you learn so much from getting involved; at Culture Club you’ll get to work (in a meaningful fashion) on a number of projects, and at various point along the timeline

Culture Wrap: we don’t just wave you away with a thank you card. Concluding the programme, there’s a coaching session with a senior member of the Crowd DNA team, including recommendations on next steps, what to learn more about etc. We want you to leave us primed and excited for what’s next.

In fact, we don’t necessarily want you to leave us. We offer permanent roles to circa 25% of those who come on board for an internship at Crowd DNA. And even when we’re not able to offer this, the vast majority of those who spend time with us end up some place very exciting, in fields such as insight, advertising, media and beyond.

No intern is left just making coffee at Crowd DNA. We encourage cultural curiosity and the opportunity to experience myriad aspects of our work. On a practical level, we’re mindful to fit around other commitments (work-related or otherwise) that people may have. Importantly, we also hope to imprint on those who join us the importance of adaptability (one of our values is Everything Is Changing, after all) in the future workplace.

We absolutely do not require you to come to Culture Club armed with a degree (though they’re of course good, too!), nor to be the loudest person in the room – but we do expect to see evidence that, in your own way, you have an active interest in culture and brands, and where they intersect (we can teach you the insight and strategy bits).

To find out more about Culture Club, get in touch with Crowd DNA’s Salome Van Leuven. She’ll be able to share more details, find out what’s important to you, and discuss opportunities.