Crowd internship openings

Ever wanted to intern at an insights and innovation agency...

Looking for an internship? You’ve come to the right place – we’ve got openings at our London office. Our interns don’t make the tea – they get involved in some of the best insight and innovation projects going, learning from a super smart team.

“I was allowed to hit the ground running from the first day,” says Robert Downer, who started at Crowd as an intern and now works here as an exec. “I worked with some of the world’s top brands, met some amazing people and was involved in some amazing research projects. What more could you want from an internship?”

Our internship programme is ongoing, with opportunities available right now. In particular, we’re keen to meet with candidates with French language abilities.

Interested? Contact Berny McManus to find out more.

Rise: Online Communities

Croissants, coffee and communities - it's all on offer at our next Rise breakfast event in London...

Date: February 1

Time: 8.15am-9am

Location: Crowd DNA, 5 Lux Building, 2-4 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NU

Our next Rise breakfast session in London looks to re-boot the topic of online communities, thinking beyond the obvious and exploring different ways in which they can meet commercial objectives.

Presented by Sabrina Qureshi, our online communities director, this session will provide quickfire ideas around themes such as innovation, global qual, trend analysis, mixed audiences and socialising community insights.

If you’d like to join us for coffee and croissants, while discussing more exciting and culturally inclined ways to deploy online communities, please head to the short form here

And if you’ve any direct questions for Sabrina, please contact her here

Here’s our Crowd Communities intro video:

From launching an NYC office to unveiling our thought leadership study for Spotify, we’ve had an amazing year at Crowd…

At this time of year, everyone’s waistbands expand a little. At Crowd, we’ve been happily growing all year. Of course we can’t talk about all the incredible projects that have seen our team travel from South Korea to Argentina and back again (several times). What we can say is that we’re happy to welcome several weighty global clients to the roster.

January kicked off with the release of the Power of Audio project on Spotify for Brands. The study, which saw us travel to US, Brazil, Japan and Manchester, investigates and celebrates the role of sound in our lives, as well as looking at what the future of audio holds for brands and consumers. It’s a great example of the power of socialising insights: the trailer has been viewed 326,000 times on Twitter and counting.

At Crowd we believe that understanding visual culture is essential for getting to grips with consumer culture. In February, Matilda Andersson, head of insight and innovation, shared our thinking when she presented ‘A picture paints: understanding visual culture’ at Atlantic Monday, a Festival Of NewMR webinar.

March saw us proudly open an office in New York, headed by former Flamingo Kiosk NYC lead Hollie Jones. The move to Cooper Square consolidates existing US client relationships and has already resulted in building several new ones. We’re off to a great start, with Hollie joined by Isabelle Kage of the Insight Strategy Group and senior consultant Tom Eccles from London’s Socialise team joining them both in January.

Our first Rise breakfast event in London took place in March. ‘Superfans’ saw Anna Chapman, Socialise director, map the journey of fandom, drawing on our work around influencers and passions.

Gender empowerment has been a huge theme this year both within Crowd and in wider culture. In May, associate director Jake Goretzki discussed the changing face of masculinity in ‘How to speak man’. His session explored changing attitudes to masculinity and, in particular, what being a man means among millennials.

In June, products and services expert, Tom Morgan teamed up with our service designer Essi Mikkola to discuss how we tackle consumer journeys at Crowd, combining a cultural, behavioural science and visual approach.

At Crowd, we’re well known for our work researching millennials and increasingly Gen Z, so it might seem a little odd to debunk traditional demographics with an event called ‘Agelessness’. But as an insights and innovation agency, we know that as the world changes, so do our beloved cohorts. In September, our brand and communications expert, Eleanor Sankey tackled this delicate subject by exploring the idea that understanding consumers by age traits can be a little limiting at times.

Over the year we hosted a number of Rise events in London and Amsterdam. Each one, supported by Crowd content, including downloadable PDFs. Please email if you’d like to be sent these.

What better time than the summer to make a short film about what we do? Edited by our head of film, Tom Eccles, it’s definitely worth just over one minute of your time.

September saw the launch of CrowdStars our global network of thinkers, influencers, creators and culture-shapers. We work with them to shake up conventional thinking within businesses in areas including immersive workshops and co-creation sessions, expert interviews and forecasting.

Huge congratulations to our head of insight and innovation Matilda Andersson who became a doctor this year. In September she appeared on a panel at the Jaguar Land Rover TechFest where she spoke about millennials and mobility. Have we reached the end of car ownership? Not yet it seems.

In October Sabrina Qureshi joined us as online communities director. We’re not actually new to online communities. We’ve been running them for years for the likes of IKEA,, Sony Music and Channel 4. But now we’re giving the offer an even stronger position within our business – recognising the value of online communities in developing deep and continuous relationships with target audiences for our clients.

And as the year draws to a close, we can unveil another great piece of insights work for Facebook, which this time saw our team travelling across Canada on an icy road trip.

Thanks to all of you who made 2017 our best year yet. If you want the opportunity to join our journey into 2018, we’re recruiting for this and various roles so please do get in touch.

We're looking for an organised, enthusiastic, solutions-oriented addition to our London team in lovely Hoxton Square, taking the lead on office and finance management...

Crowd DNA is a fast, fun and ever-changing business environment, with an amazing array of clients. This is a role for someone that takes absolute pride in ensuring all of the logistics and financial considerations are in place, working with the project teams and senior management in areas as follows -

Office/Logistics Management:

- Booking in and managing client meets, and leading all front desk requirements

- Logistics/organisation of exciting client events in our office; and equally importantly, of team social events

- Keeping a keen eye on how we maintain the office and advising on improvements where relevant

- Working with the project teams (London, New York, Amsterdam) on travel requirements

- Ordering supplies for the office

- Onboarding new starters at Crowd DNA

- Reasonable degree of IT competence (don’t worry, you won’t have to rebuild the server…)

Finance Management:

- Working with the senior team on sales, supplier and expense payments (previous experience with QuickBooks an advantage)

- Assisting our accountants on preparing quarterly VAT reporting in the UK and comparable processes in the US

- Contributing to analysing the financial status of projects and where optimisations can be made

- Working on ideas for how we best manage finance procedures at Crowd DNA

- Petty cash management

Crowd DNA is a collaborative, inclusive place, where you’ll get to feel highly involved from day one. We can offer a competitive salary and benefits; plus the scope to grow the role – in particular, as we develop our business further in other cities (Amsterdam, New York and beyond…), the need to manage/synchronise office and finance logistics across each location.

Please apply by sending a CV and covering email to Andy Crysell

Crowd Communities!

Building on solid experience in the field, we're excited to be boosting our online communities offer at Crowd DNA...

Crowd Communities is Crowd DNA’s newly launched business specialism. We’re not actually new to online communities. We’ve been running them for years for the likes of IKEA,, Sony Music and Channel 4. But now we’re giving the offer an even stronger position within our business – recognising the value of online communities in developing deep and continuous relationships with target audiences for our clients.

Online Communities Director

Sabrina Qureshi joins Crowd DNA as online communities director. Previously head of online communities at Harris Interactive, she brings extensive experience in all areas from best practice and team development, to platform innovation and client relations.

 1# Communities For Rich Immersion

We’ve a passion for communities that provide rich immersion in the lives of people, creating bold content and powerful narratives. These communities allow stakeholders to truly empathise with consumers and to map their products and services against the wider cultural context. We augment this work with our own trends research, social listening and in-house content creation to socialise findings.

2# Communities For Innovation

Online communities can also play a vital role in fuelling innovation pipelines, allowing for fast and iterative work at all points from need states exploration to prototype development and user experience. Sometimes we blend online communities with offline methods. Often the work requires intense collaboration with stakeholder teams.

Best Practice

There’s a lot of moving parts to an online community. Our skill-set extends across recruitment, participant and stakeholder engagement, method design and performance metrics. Moreover, we bring the same highly developed analysis techniques, cultural understanding and means of sharing findings to online communities as we do to all of our great work at Crowd DNA.


Crowd DNA’s work is extremely global – we’ve operated in over 45 markets in the last year alone – and our online communities offer follows suit. Right now, we’re running communities in China, Japan, Sweden, the UK, Brazil, India and the US.

Long-term & Pop-Up

There’s a place for long-term communities, environments in which to foster continuous dialogue with people. Equally, there’s a role for shorter term communities, created to meet a more specific objective. Different communities require different dynamics and we design accordingly.

Platform Agnostic

We don’t have a community platform of our own and we’re pleased about that! We get to compare and contrast a spectrum of supplier options, choosing the most appropriate fit for a particular project and making sure their development goals are in line with our needs. Our communities are mobile enabled and multi-featured (from capturing videos and images, to blogging, in-the-moment discussion, and tools to test products).

To talk more about online communities get in touch with Sabrina:

We're looking for a new recruit to join our business and strategy team at Crowd DNA's London HQ in lovely Hoxton Square...

The focus in this team is on external communication of the agency, business development, responding to briefs, project design, developing future strategy alongside our directors, briefing in new commissions to the project teams and having a strategic overview on live work.

What we’re looking for:

- There’s some flexibility over the seniority of the role (with pay and expectations to match), but this is most likely for someone with between 18 months and four years of agency experience

- We say ‘agency experience’, as while you might well be working in the insight field, there’s also scope for hiring someone with a background in a different type of agency (creative, strategy, media etc)

- We want someone who demonstrates an interest in insight, strategy work and trends, but who also comes equipped with a particularly commercial brain; if you can show any previous experience in something business development-related, that’s a plus

- You’ll need to be seriously pro-active, super-quick at taking on new challenges and not short on confidence (we’ll want to get you speaking with clients ASAP; you’ll be expected to collaborate with director level staff)

- First rate communication skills (both verbal and how you get ideas down on paper and in presentations) is absolutely key

We can offer a competitive salary and benefits for the role. As importantly, we’re firmly convinced there’s few other openings out there that will give you exposure to such an amazing array of clients and fascinating people/culture-oriented business challenges. It’s an entrepreneurial and energised environment, fast paced and collaborative. If you fancy working in a place where setting the agenda for the future of insight and innovation is coded into the culture, please get in touch with Crowd DNA managing director Andy Crysell, attaching a CV and covering letter.

Catch us at the MRS day devoted to discussing and debating social media behaviours and trends on February 8, 2018...

Our head of insights and innovation, Dr Matilda Andersson, will be presenting at the event; furthering our recent agelessness work and looking at the role of social media in forging cross-generational communication.

Social media is often described as the new bus stop or park bench: a space for teenagers to hang out with each other, away from their parents. However, Matilda will be proposing that social media can also be important for bridging gaps between generations, bringing them closer together. Her insight is grounded in demographic trends, which show the gap between young and old decrease as Gen Z grows up faster, millennials delay adulthood and Gen X and Boomers live in very different ways to their parents.

More info here