2020 Vision


The year 2020: it is, alarmingly, not so far away. Working in 18 markets, we captured hopes, fears and colourful forecasts for six years ahead

  • China, India, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy and the UK – we touched down in them all in pursuit of authentic responses from young people for Viacom’s mighty 2020 Vision study. We got to deploy a great range of methods, too.

  • We established a network of citizen journalist video bloggers, reporting back on their friends’ responses to a range of tasks and topics put to them. We provided mini cameras to capture in-the-moment material, unlocking our participants’ associative memories when we reviewed the material with them. We also conducted on-the-ground ethnography, encouraging them to show us how they think their lives will change.

  • We encountered a generation that expects to travel to find new opportunities. That, as ever, values friendship, but now views friendship groups in different ways. That sees the worth in showing true intelligence. That does want to interact with brands – though not necessarily in the ways normally imagined…

  • Here’s a film talking through how we brought this project together for Viacom