Cancer Research UK

Citizen Science

Using the power of the crowd to build a brand for Cancer Research UK’s revolutionary Citizen Science initiative

Embracing the crowd sourcing trend, Cancer Research UK’s trailblazing Citizen Science initiative has successfully gamified the analysis of real cancer data through a range of consumer-facing web platforms and mobile games. But in order to grow the reach and impact of Citizen Science, Cancer Research UK called on Crowd DNA to help refine its brand identity and creative strategy to ensure it engages both the public and scientific community.


In keeping with the crowd sourcing theme, our research saw us test the branding and language for Citizen Science among both consumers and scientists. We tapped into Cancer Research UK’s panel of Citizen Scientists and ran a week-long online community, exploring different topics each day; plus we carried out task-based interviews with 10 representatives from the scientific community – each with a different level of knowledge and involvement in the initiative.

Bringing together the views of these two distinctly different audiences involved a lot of cross analysis, and saw us drawing heavily on our knowledge of behavioural science to provide context and uncover biases. This allowed us to provide Cancer Research UK with a set of clear, actionable recommendations for a strategy that will ensure both consumers and scientists get on board and take Citizen Science to the next level.

“Bringing crowd-sourced science to Crowd DNA just worked. Their unique grasp of both digital and scientific communities came into its own, helping us test and refine the Citizen Science brand with two different audiences. We’re confidently moving into the next stage of development, rolling out a strategy we know our community buys into and has helped shape.”

Zohra Hirji, Senior Marketing Manager, Cancer Research UK