Creative consumers and the retail space


A visual and collaborative approach to getting under the skin of creatively minded EU consumers

  • Converse has long enjoyed high status among creatively-minded youth and has strong brand positioning. But how does this fit with the large retailers it’s distributed in, which have their own brand identities? We were tasked with finding out what the young creative Converse shopper seeks from Converse in Foot Locker in six EU markets and how best to meet their needs via product, retail and comms.

  • Using a series of creative methodologies in keeping with the brand and its audience – Pinterest, citizen journalism and consumer workshops – we delved into the visual identities, inspirations and sneaker collections of 16-24 year old Converse at Foot Locker shoppers. Five prominent style groups emerged, some driven by enduring and iconic cultural reference points (slow fashion), others by street culture, celebrities and temporary trends (fast fashion).

  • We debriefed via a series of workshop sessions (video content, image galleries, breakout work groups etc!) tailored to different audiences, providing a crystal clear understanding of the Converse consumer profile at Foot Locker. The work fed directly into product development, comms strategy, content and optimising the in-store experience.