Future Fan


Award winning study of what it means to be a fan and how social media is reshaping the experience

  • Fandom is a fascinating subject and one with the utmost relevance to brands, as they aim to connect with passionate audiences who exhibit shared values. This major project for Twitter focused on music fans, exploring how fan communities are changing and what the future fan may look like.

  • We combined extensive secondary research, interviews with academics and other experts, social media analysis, lots of up-close ethno work around different music case studies from both the fan and industry perspectives (festivals, nostalgia bands, brand-led initiatives, new talent etc), a roundtable session with strategists and creatives, and a significant quantitative piece to build up our story.

  • The work provided a powerful narrative, exploring three historical phases of fandom, shifts in the relationship between fan and ‘fan object’ and the increasing sophistication of fan eco-systems. Moreover, we identified measurable pillars of fandom and new principles, driven via social media like Twitter, such as ‘amplified experiences’ and ‘digital intimacy’.

  • Outputs from the film included a broadcast quality 12 minute documentary, celebrating the energy of fandom and revealing exactly what makes fan communities tick.

    In Paris in November 2015, Future Fan won the prestigious Peter Cooper best paper award at ESOMAR’s global conference.

  • In addition to our 12 minute documentary film, we also produced a two minute edit, focusing on how Twitter has reshaped the universe of music fandom.