Gen X Today


A fresh look at the slacker generation...

  • With the work given a first showing at ESOMAR in New Orleans, Viacom had set us the very exciting mission of capturing new stories and insights from the sometimes-overlooked Generation X in eight cities – London, Rio, Budapest, Bangkok, Cape Town, Berlin, Mexico City and Bogota.

  • Building on a survey of over 12,000 adults carried out by research agency Tapestry Research, we used some great methodologies, including image gathering tasks on social, dinner party discussion sessions and ethnographic work, wrapping this up in our cultural analysis techniques and storytelling abilities. All of which got us to powerful findings that challenge the tired, unimaginative messages generally used by media and advertising to connect with this cohort.

  • Our Socialise team got to experiment with some wonderful outputs, too. An installation that featured in Viacom’s New York and London offices, notepads and a 15-minute documentary.

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