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Indexing the most influential brands in the UK, US and Australia

  • Guardian News & Media set us the fascinating task of identifying what makes a brand influential today and which of them pack the most influence in the UK, US and Australia. Thus we surveyed 9,000 people across the three markets, collecting data on hundreds of brands.

  • We used rigorous statistical analysis to uncover that influence is made up of four distinct pillars; also assessing how important each of these pillars is in terms of driving influence, and the attributes that brands need to have to score highly against them.

  • The four pillars:

    Commercial: the impact a brand has on consumers’ purchasing habits

    Societal: the impact a brand has on society as a whole

    Audience Inward: the impact of a brand’s communications on its audience

    Audience Outward: the impact a brand’s audience has on other people

  • As a result of this analysis, we were able to allocate each brand a composite influence score and compile an index at an overall country level and an individual brand category level.

    The results, in brief, are that tech, charity and retail brands provide the most influence across all countries. Tech brands seamlessly integrate into consumers’ lives to shape behaviour; charities impact the world around us; while retail brands that can offer value hold sway over consumers.

  • Brands offering these attributes most successfully drive influence – those that are: positive; inspirational; trustworthy; unique; have interesting things to say.

    Crowd DNA creative delivery team developed this data cutting device,, to help Guardian News & Media to share the work with partners and advertisers.