Tech Transformations


A major study, in partnership with Facebook IQ, on how technology is transforming lives...

  • Titled Tech Transformations, this project identified, explored and ultimately celebrated a host of new forces that are impacting lives globally.

    Tech Transformations For 2016 And Beyond

  • This study had us on the ground in Nigeria (Lagos), South Korea (Seoul), the UK (London) and US (Brooklyn and San Francisco), interviewing experts and early adopters, and conducting ethnographic and remote-ethno methods. We also ran a quantitative survey in all markets, dug deep into secondary trends sources and were informed by internal data analysis from Facebook.

  • Identified trends fell into these five thematic areas:

    Personal Sustainability

    Mobile Empowerment

    Playing With Food

    Reinventing Rituals

    Embracing Identity

  • Check out Tech Transformations For 2016 And Beyond for more film content and downloadable PDFs