In our fourth issue of City Limits, we’re getting optimistic about urban problems, exploring the solutions that are changing things for the better...

City Limits Volume Four – download it here.

Our City Limits series – Crowd DNA’s exploration of the ever evolving urban experience – has so far looked at mobility, youth and city living around the globe. Now, we’re tackling the stickier stuff. As cities grow and evolve they inevitably face more complex problems that need fixing, so we’ve taken a worldwide tour of the most innovative ways that individuals, institutions, governments and brands are making a difference.

From changing the conversation around homelessness and getting to grips with a new wave of millennial volunteers; to shedding the doom and gloom associated with megacities and spotlighting new safety measures for women, this issue is looking forward to a positive urban future. 

City Limits Volume Four is available to download here.

Check out the trailer below: