City Limits: The Night Issue

In our fifth issue of City Limits, we’re staying up late and watching the urban experience change after dark...

City Limits Volume Five – download it here.

So far in our City Limits series – Crowd DNA’s ongoing exploration of the urban experience – we’ve looked at city living, youth culture, mobility, and the solutions changing things for the better. Now, we’re examining our cities in a whole new (artificial) light: during night time.  

Transgressive, chaotic, ominous; urban nights have long been seen as something to be corralled into order. But as we tread towards a 24 hour, always-on economy, we’re thinking about our city’s after hours in a more nuanced way. Night mayors (or Czars, depending on your persuasion) are popping up all over the globe, highlighting the night’s untapped potential in areas such as the arts, the economy and community-making.

This issue of City Limits goes in search of some of these new nocturnal occasions. We touch base with our KIN network to hear how night culture is changing in Lagos, Cape Town and Seoul; we also challenge the lockout laws restricting Sydney’s drinking scene; dip into the $76 billion ‘sleeponomics’ industry; and take a look at the sober curious wave on social media. Elsewhere, we decipher the semiotics of the night and how brands use the codes to speak to their audiences – at any time of day. 

City Limits Volume Five is available to download here.