Crowd DNA x STRAT7

Here's some more info on Crowd DNA joining the STRAT7 group. And some slightly gushy stuff on the journey that got us there...

We’re delighted that the news is out there: we have joined the STRAT7 group of businesses and we’re all set for the next stage of our journey. Pausing on the whooping for just a second, time to tell you a bit more about what’s ahead…

Still in its embryonic stages, STRAT7 hosts a number of best-in-class companies working at the intersection of consultancy, insights and data, with more acquisitions coming soon. We’ve been impressed at all stages of the pre-deal conversation with their understanding of what makes Crowd DNA unique (our brand, our work, our team, our point of view) and the role we can take within STRAT7.

We’re looking forward to playing our part in growing the group, to exploring synergies, amplifying our own offer and flying the flag – as enthusiastically as ever – for culturally charged commercial advantage.

We’re also looking forward to roadmapping new opportunities – from growing our global presence further to specialisms and innovations – and will be sure to share news on these as they reach fruition.

We generally prefer looking to what’s next than what’s been, but it seems an opportune time to think back over Crowd DNA’s 12 years, too. We launched in June 2008, slap bang in the middle of the worst financial crisis prior to, well, this financial crisis. But we weren’t going to let that dent our positivity. We started with four clients – Sony PlayStation, Channel 4, Kiss FM, Topshop – and a loose yet fast-evolving ambition to do things just a bit differently in insight. In terms of method innovation, for sure, but as importantly in how we talk about insight; how we communicate; the people we look to bring into our team and, of course, our efforts to set everything in a broader cultural context.

We first set up as a team of four in a small space rented from the lovely folk at Poke, a couple of floors above Mother creative agency, in Shoreditch’s Biscuit Building. Next stop: just across the road to the Tea Building. Then up the high street to our current London home in Hoxton Square.

And along the way, we’ve achieved the hugely satisfying aim of launching in other markets. That’s launching as in headfirst, having to learn extremely quickly as we go (we wouldn’t have it any other way). You can now find us in Amsterdam, New York, Singapore, Sydney and, you never know, maybe a few more places to come…

And in those 12 action-packed years, our work has got progressively more global, too – we gave up counting at circa 60 markets worked in. Our long-held belief in the power of content and editorial to socialise insight has flourished. And our strategic insights core has been augmented by the increasingly impactful additions of quantitative research, trends and semiotics, our KIN network and our growing interest in working with unstructured data. All of it powered by the creativity and first-rate thinking of the smartest, nicest team in the business.

We’re dead proud, and hugely grateful, for everything we’ve achieved as Crowd DNA so far. But enough reminiscing, because we’ve got plenty more to do in the years ahead. STRAT7 offers us an excellent platform for growth and we cannot wait to get stuck in.