A fantastic opportunity to take charge of Crowd DNA's editorial output...

Reflecting our place at the intersection of culture and brands, Crowd DNA has produced so much great content over the last 13 years. High quality, provocative points of view on everything from life in New York neighbourhoods to the future of womxnhood; new trends in sports fandom to the after-dark economy; data analysis of the BLM movement to the semiotics of banking. We also create content to share our craft – such as how we use scenario planning in strategy, capturing stories from our KIN network of experts and creators, or new ways to engage people in citizen journalism.

We’re good at this stuff, but we can get better – which is where this role comes in.

We’re seeking a content and comms manager to join our team in London, to take the lead on this vital aspect of the Crowd DNA brand. It’s about ensuring we have things to say that are credible and current; and that chime with our clients and the wider marketing/comms industry. Also, importantly, that reflect the values that we as a team hold dear.

Here’s more on what we’re looking for –

Around five+ years experience, most likely in an editorial or content role. So you could be coming at this as someone fully immersed in journalism about culture, but who’d like to develop their capabilities in the sphere of brands and consultancy; or alternatively, someone fully immersed in content marketing but who wants significantly more of a cultural perspective to their work. Of course, you might already have experience at both ends. That’s definitely ok, too.

High standard editorial skills, both in your own writing and sub-editing the work of others (while you will sometimes be commissioning other writers and working with members of the Crowd DNA team, the anticipation is you will lead on much of the written content).

Film, photography and design – confident at briefing and directing our video/photographers and designers when their input is needed. Our outputs sometimes take the form of mini documentary films, for instance.

Blogging and social – comfortable with blogging platforms/CMS, and at creating content for social media

Proficient at planning – you’ll be managing our content calendar, factoring in a mix of recurring formats and one-offs. We’re ambitious and want to create a good flow of content but we need timings to be realistic and the running order to be well-considered.

Ideas! You’ll need lots of them, both to bring new energy to our existing content streams (such as City Limits and Crowd Tracks) and to create new ones. We looking for takes on culture that will challenge and motivate our clients. And we’ll want you to quickly learn about our methods and techniques, so you can start devising compelling ways to communicate them – ways that inspire rather than sounding like a ‘hard sell’

Collaborative and solutions-oriented – you’ll be working with our senior team across our offices to develop ideas that live up to our brand ambition of creating culturally charged commercial advantage. You’ll also be working with trends, insights and ideas provided by the wider team; and collaborating with them to make sure we are maximising the right channels for sharing the content that we create.

The role comes with a salary of circa £50,000pa, and great benefits (pension scheme, generous parental leave policy, flexi hours/wfh, betterment scheme, training, paid sabbatical after five years, company lunches, days out, 30 days ‘work from anywhere’ scheme each year etc).

It’s an entrepreneurial and energised environment, fast-paced and collaborative. If you fancy working in a place where setting the agenda for the future of cultural insights and strategy is coded into the way of working, get in touch with Alex Smith, our head of people, providing a CV and examples of your work in the first instance.