Is it us or has everything been really weird for, like, ages now? Our Crowd Signs trends film takes a look...

The latest short-but-sweet film from our Crowd Signs team is Mainstream Weird

Here we show how distinctions between the centre ground – so-called ‘mainstream culture’ – and the peripheries – ‘weird things’ – are being continually questioned. As a result, weirdness has reached a premium in the economy of culture. We’re seeing this in social media, fashion, TV and elsewhere. Stuff that once was simply too strange is finding wide appeal. People’s capacity for nonlinear thinking is expanding, as sheer weirdness becomes a mainstream means of carving out your identity online.

So why is this? 

Today’s digital world is one where subcultures are continually pushed to the foreground. Social media means that the most unconventional image or opinion moves quickly to the centre. This is part of a greater social movement which has seen visual culture become radically democratised. Everyday, from the comfort of your own home, you’re able to significantly disrupt traditional ideals of beauty, entertainment and opinion. This means that brands, especially the big ones, are often playing catch up.   

Today, weirdness goes mainstream so fast, it’s like it was never weird in the first place.

What’s next? 

Our time is marked by a blurring of traditional definitions across the cultural board. We predict that the distinction between ‘weird’ and ‘conventional’ will continue to dissolve. Trends spotters have long been obsessed with what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’, what’s ‘dominant’ and what’s ’emergent’. This hierarchy is fast disappearing, and will soon be entirely displaced by a flattened multiplicity of choice.

And, at Crowd, we say amen to that. Power to the (weird) people.