Crowd Shortcuts: Twinning

Crowd Shortcuts – a quick chat about something that's caught our attention. This week, twinning in fashion and beyond...

What’s all this then? Gucci tracked down 68 identical twins – some scouted at the annual Twins Day festival in Ohio – for their Twinsburg show for Spring/Summer 2023. This followed its creative director Alessandro Michele appearing at the Met Gala 2022 accompanied by actor Jared Leto styled as twins, their long locks flowing. In a hyper-individualised world, rebellion is to be twinning, and being part of a gang.

But I thought we are all as individual as a snowflake, right? Well… on the inside for sure, but this season, fashion wants us to be comfortable with dressing the same as others – in fact, looking exactly the same.

Does the look work? It certainly stops traffic. 

But isn’t wearing the same outfit a fashion no-go? Gucci doesn’t quite see it that way – it took the concept of sameness way beyond fashion and into a mediation on the ‘new normal’.

So it’s a new fashion rule? Yes, it’s not about being a trend leader. Instead, it’s about sharing your love. Or ‘co-belonging’. Alessandro Michele explained that the intention behind his casting choice was to illustrate a “rift in the idea of identity”, breaking down the notion of singularity, and wanting “sisterhood” to prevail.  Meanwhile, for Prada’s 2022 collection, co-creative director Raf Simons shared this sentiment on the catwalk – he described having the collection take place in Milan and Shanghai simultaneously as “about sharing —not just sharing imagery, not just sharing through technology, but sharing a physical event.” 

So twinning is about belonging? Yes, and don’t we all want a bit more of that right now?  

Anything else…? Well, now you’ve asked, the twins stomping down the catwalk aren’t the only twins blowing our minds. They are a visual on our potential metaverse future: our physical and digital twin, living (beautiful) simultaneous lives. 

TL;DR? We’ve always been fascinated by identical twins to look at – and Gucci has taken that and wrapped it up in a bow. But twin as a verb – to pair up – goes deeper. Digital natives are likely to actually experience life as an identical twin. So for now images of the twin are full of impact and potential that goes beyond fashion and into a fascination about how we will actually live sometime soon.