Thursday June 22 9am PST, 12pm EST, 5pm BST. RSVP by clicking here.  

Crowd DNA presents… FREEDOM!


A bold claim, but we’re going with it. We’re taking Freedom back – celebrating manifestations of it that are about community and shared responsibility rather than purely self-interest

A double-header under a common theme of more people getting to live their lives just how they want to live them (and therefore more brands needing to move on from squeezing people into old fashioned little boxes).

Part presentation, part panel discussion, we’ll be covering:

_Reframing Aging: older people are becoming more vocal about who they are, smashing negative tropes, and leading conversations about how they should be represented in culture. From rejecting to reassessing to reframing, we plot this exciting journey

_The Un-Dependents: with the number of people not having kids by choice rising in many countries, we celebrate consciously child-free living – and explore the catch-up game that brands and the media are now playing

Join us on Thursday June 22 9am PST, 12pm EST, 5pm BST to explore how brands and the media must embrace these new narratives, or risk losing cultural relevance.

With Hina Hussain (Crowd DNA head of agency NYC), David Stewart (Crowd DNA head of agency Los Angeles), Phoebe Trimingham (Crowd DNA associate director, editorial), Andy Crysell (Crowd DNA CEO/founder). 

_And our special guest, Ruby Warrington, journalist and author of Women Without Kids: The Revolutionary Rise Of An Unsung Sisterhood – released last month and praised as: “An exciting, bold, feminist book that gives the child-free conversation the space it deserves.” (Emma Gannon, bestselling author of Olive and host of the Ctrl Alt Delete podcast).

RSVP by clicking here.