Download Crowd Signals: Sports Fandom & Activewear here

We’ve used our Crowd Signals Platform to track real-time signals within sports conversations around fandom and activewear, and this report is what we found to be uppermost in the minds and behaviour of people who are engaging in sports right now. 

The Crowd Signals Platform has advanced NLP, AI and machine learning capabilities (powered by to search social posts, forums, search engines, review sites, client sales and behavioural sets – and ultimately uncover meaningful stories of culture.

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For this latest report, we looked at the data within the culture shifts of Finding Your Fandom and Fluid Expression – two of the nine macro subjects we track in real-time on the Crowd Signals Platform – and how the trends in these cultures linked to fan identity and activewear.

The big issues that are writ large are conversations about activism and women in sport, and how well-being and performance can work together.

The full report features what the 2023 data can reveal about: 

_ Playful dressing of sports brands, and the pairing of wellbeing and activewear

_ Activewear trends on TikTok 

_Female fandom’s impact on inclusivity and body positivity 

_What e-sports players most care about

_Brands who are staying relevant as fandom conventions change rapidly

So on your marks, get set, and go read Crowd Signals: Sports Fandom & Activewear.

Download Crowd Signals: Sports Fandom & Activewear here

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