Culture Club

Hot on the heels of our Youth Club event, last night we staged Culture Club - a session with Tea Building buddies BD Network, plus guest speakers Lisa Moretti from Seven and psychologist Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos, in which we explored how brands face up to the challenge of becoming more culturally relevant. Here's some pics...

Stayed tuned for news of more Culture Club and Youth Club events in 2015.

We Are Recruiting

We're looking for a skilled and culturally switched on addition to our London team, joining as a consultant or senior consultant...

By which we mean someone who’s experienced with qual work at competent SRE through to mid level RM standing. A whirl through our website should give you a strong idea of the type of person who’ll fit in here and the expertise and enthusiasm they’ll need to be able to offer.

We want a good spectrum of online and offline method experience

We want someone who’s confident at building strategic recommendations from research and at sharing them with clients in attention grabbing ways

Someone who can take a lead on projects – and also work fluidly as part of a team

But we want more than that… We want someone who can tell great stories, deliver work with conviction, boldly wrap trends into their outputs, exhibit an agile mindset and an entrepreneurial energy

We work for exciting brands on demanding briefs across multiple markets, so it’d be great if that’s what you do/want to do as well! We offer an empowering, creative, highly collaborative working environment, loaded with truly future-facing insight and innovation challenges to square up to by the day. We offer a competitive salary and package, too, and great scope for career development in a fast growing business that has big ambitions for the years ahead.

To apply, please send a covering letter and CV to Andy Crysell

We often end the week hosting a 'show and tell' session, with Crowd folk in London and Amsterdam united via Skype and learning something new (over a beer, obviously), either from a project we've just wrapped up or another interesting source. But then some weeks we just eat poppadoms...

More specifically, some bright spark suggested a poppadom eating competition. Participants had three poppadoms and a variety of condiments – yeah, we know, hardly a marathon stretch but time was a bit tight. The aim was to eat them as quickly as possible and, with a time of one min 33 secs, Michael Chan was declared the victor, proving the ‘stacking’ technique as being the most effective. Bravo Michael.

Here’s some of the more flattering photos from the event.


Promotions At Crowd

Some exciting and well deserved promotions to report at Crowd DNA, as we embark on a spot of restructuring to help us to optimise the quality of our work and the strength of our client relationships...

Chris Haydon, previously one of our associate directors, is promoted to the role of insight & innovation director. Sarah Brierley, also previously an associate director, moves up into the role of strategic initiatives director. They now join commercial director Kelvin Amos and managing director Andy Crysell in making up the senior UK team, with strategic initiatives director Lydia Jones heading up the Amsterdam office.

Also in the UK, Claire Moon has been promoted to associate director from her former role at senior consultant.

Big congrats to all.

Congrats to Crowd's innovation knowledge leader, Aurelie Jamard, for being the latest recipient of our seriously prestigious Kling Klang award - dished out quarterly to the Crowd bod who's really, really delivered (not that we don't all really, really deliver, natch)...

Aurelie has masterminded some fantastic multi-phase development work for one of our telecomm clients; next to juggling commitments across a number of other noteworthy trends projects, co-hosting our brilliant Youth Club event and generally furthering the cause of innovation at Crowd DNA with much energy and gusto. Check out some of her posts for Wired’s Innovation Insights blog

Blog Post Number One

This is blog post number one on Crowd DNA website number three. We hope you like it (the website; not the blog post)...

We’ve loved our last two websites (getting through three websites in six years is about right, we reckon, considering the pace of design/UX evolution), but we love this one even more. It allows us to share our cultural edge in greater detail; to tell better stories. We’d best get typing…