Gen Z: Hybrid States

A generation defined by their own duality, Gen Z are the Hybrid Generation. Here are nine short films bringing this contradictory cohort to life...

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Gen Z are many things. They’re health obsessed, alcohol avoiders with a plan to save the planet; but they’re also everyday teenagers intent on breaking rules. While this duality can be a daunting prospect for brands to engage with, one thing is very easy to grasp – Gen Z are now the biggest generation on earth.

There are currently over 2.5 billion of them worldwide. That’s a bigger group than millennials, and a much bigger one than boomers. But how exactly do you speak to a generation in such a constant state of flux? To help answer this question, we’ve been exploring the cultural context that has led Gen Z down this path of duality.

Gen Z are never just ‘one thing’. The connected yet polarised world that they’ve grown up in (think Brexit and Remain; toxic masculinity and new feminism; science and spirituality), means that their values and motivations are combining in unconventional ways. Combinations that we’re now labelling, and embracing, as Hybrid States.

We’ve identified nine Hybrid States that Gen Z occupy:

 Hyper Global & Super Local

 Traditional & Progressive

 Head-Down Hustling & Seriously Slacking

Purpose Driven & New Age Hedonists

Brand Loving & Brand Hating

Analogue & Digital

Scientific & Spiritual

Valuing Real & Faking It To Make It

Experiential & Material

Providing fertile creative ground for brands of all shapes and sizes, you can read more about opportunities for winning with these Hybrid States in our full Gen Z report – available to download here. In the meantime, scroll down for nine short films bringing this contradictory cohort to life.


Gen Z are global citizens connected to culture from around the world
But they’re also proud of their roots and plugged into their immediate communities


Gen Z are risk averse and tend to plan ahead
But they also challenge the status quo and their lives are anything but linear


Gen Z are internet entrepreneurs, turning their hobbies into side hustles
But they’re also slackers, zoning out from the world by bingeing online


Gen Z are keen activists driven by achieving a better future for all
But they’re still enjoying themselves with new and proactive forms of escapism 


For Gen Z the label hype is real, and they never want to miss out
But they also hold brands to account, calling them out when they fall short


Gen Z are digital natives, constantly connected to their peers
But they also seek solace in more tangible moments, recognising the need for digital detox


Gen Z have a world of science and technology at their fingertips
But they’re also exploring their spirituality, turning to new forms of meaning


Gen Z recognise the power of IRL connections, urging us all to be more real
But they still consume and project fake, via images and filters online


Gen Z seek out experiences and communities for memories that last
But they also want to look and feel on point with all the right possessions 

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