Lloyds Banking Group

Agile Development

An energised, determinedly fluid approach to validating and co-creating new banking propositions

Online banking has become increasingly central in peoples’ lives and, in the name of driving both customer retention and engagement, digital innovation is a key strategy for all retail banks. Lloyds called upon Crowd DNA to help with their development of a range of trailblazing new concepts. It was fast paced. It was intense. It was highly revealing.


With workshops the favoured method (coupled with intensive remote work with participants in advance of these), we delivered on the required agile approach to research, validating customer needs and exploring the readiness for genuinely ground-breaking, highly personalised innovation within the retail banking sector.

Strengths of the approach included a project design which ensured we resolutely avoided slowing down the client-side passion for fast paced development; getting the client and the public co-creating together in a positive manner, regardless of the complexity of product concepts being explored; highly accurate recruitment to ensure representation of key customer typologies; a strong partnership mentality between ourselves and our client, ensuring a suitably iterative approach to the work.