Fashionably Digital Lives

Investigating the online repertoires of style conscious women

Working in the US, Mexico, UK, Germany, South Korea and Australia, we were briefed to gain insight into how digital features in the lives of style conscious twenty and thirty-something women today. At the core of the method was a carefully planned set of video blogging exercises, with participants sharing their digital routines – think price checking, buying groceries, getting beauty tips, catching up with style journals, patterns of recommendation and purchasing must-have looks online.

We coupled the in-the-moment work with consumer workshops, mapping the digital journeys in an interactive fashion, and client immersion sessions to share evidence and stimulate debate.

Key to the work was finding out which brands are getting it right online and why; also what makes a brand shareable with friends. Our findings highlighted how multiple devices were used to navigate the various digital sources, with simplicity, ease of use and performance all highlighted as criteria for assessing various sources. One thing is clear – these women move seamlessly between diverse digital sources in their often hectic lifestyles.