Pernod Ricard

Future Platforms

Defining Gen Z and shaping opportunities...

Readying For Change

Pernod Ricard, with its expansive portfolio of premium brands, is, like all alcohol companies, getting set for changing times ahead – times in which the role of premium spirits is ripe for re-definition, as factors such as health, well-being, socialising, drinking occasions, life/work tensions and much more come under scrutiny.

We were briefed to present a credible multi-market view of the Gen Z consumer – a playbook presenting their values and how they are living, then taking this through to outlining the platforms for change that priority brands in the portfolio – including Chivas, Ballantine’s, Passport, Beefeater, Absolut and Malibu – need to work with in areas like product, flavour, serve, media and influencer strategy.

From Trends To Communities

Our work started with a set of hypotheses: macro-level trends to shape up, connect with the objectives, then test out in the consumer research phase - with an emphasis on comparing Gen Z (specifically those aged 18-23) with millennials.

Our fieldwork was all conducted online in this instance - running closed communities in China, Mexico, India, the US, UK and Spain. We took in the broad foundational view on their lives - but then zoomed in to explore a couple of key socialising occasions and the appeal of new concepts. Particular challenges were structuring the online work to avoid participant fatigue and balancing out the global story with local nuance.

Strategic Recommendations

Our strategic recommendations built around themes such as:

+ The new markers of maturity

+ Shifts in cultural orthodoxy from ‘rebellion’ to ‘consideration’

+ The tensions formed from this cohort’s need to feel entrepreneurial

+ And, naturally, mapping where, among all of these schisms from millennial norms, alcohol and drinking moments have a tangible role

In short, we contextualised trends to drive Pernod Ricard’s global strategy on how to connect with a new generation – at the best moments and with the right products and comms.