Liberate The Home

What will the home of the future look like? What differences should we expect globally? We went searching for answers

We’ve conducted a number of projects for IKEA, and for a range of their teams. These include profiling attitudes to design in different markets, and this one: Liberate The Home, which saw us decoding how the home is used in UK, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, USA; and how changing trends to do with families, work, dining and entertainment will challenge current convention. How did we do it? Via a global blogging initiative which deployed a roll-call of interesting and highly informed experts.

We worked with progressive thinkers (writers, architects, academics, designers), all offering their own takes on how the home is changing; fuelling us with content and debate to derive core themes from. Out of this rich and varied source material, we created PR and strategic outputs for stakeholders to use with aplomb.