Red Bull

On Trade Trends & Price Modelling

Annual project using trends and price modelling to reveal new directions in the UK drinks markets

Red Bull have been calling on Crowd DNA to help them crack the UK on trade market (think pubs, clubs, bars) since 2011. We’ve worked on numerous projects that have seen us venture on Liverpudlian bar crawls, build a sophisticated consumer-oriented pricing model, and desk research the most exciting drinks trends (absolutely not all at the same time, we promise).


While the projects have been varied, the focus of the research has been consistent: to arm the on trade team with the most relevant and future-facing information about the drinks market, therefore helping Red Bull innovate within it.

Inspired by this message, we took the approach of speaking to both punters and bar staff in order to ensure all of our insights could be complemented by practical solutions. Our findings helped Red Bull to understand the needs of both consumers and the managers, arming them with knowledge into what drives footfall, builds loyalty and delivers satisfaction.

Furthermore, we developed a bespoke price modelling tool using quantitative analytics to help Red Bull price their on premise offerings in accordance to consumer expectations. The tool was flexible in accommodating both type of venue and location, allowing Red Bull to align pricing across similar venues and create a consistent offering.

This work allows Red Bull to plan for the year ahead in the bar trade, strengthening their partnership with the pubs and hospitality vendors selling the products to ever more demanding consumers.