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Finding The Meaning In Live Experiences

Eventbrite is the largest events tech platform in the world. An important ingredient in its success to date has been realising the potential to act as a thought leader on the topic of live experiences, what they mean to people and how the landscape is changing.

They called on Crowd DNA to explore the role of live experiences in more detail – and ultimately to create a compelling set of narratives for different markets; stories that would generate PR-able outcomes to share with an extensive range of media partners.

Outline Of Approach

+ The project took in a number of markets: the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the Netherlands; all with different stakeholder needs to juggle.

+ First, it was important we looked at the wider landscape in each country, gathering relevant cultural reference points and forming hypotheses to frame the questionnaire and realise fresh insights on the future of events.

+ This prepared us to conduct online surveys, speaking to a total of 6,000 people

Agility & Collaboration

A fast turnaround was key, so partnering with trusted panel and omnibus providers meant we could provide credible data quickly to the various stakeholders. The process was extremely collaborative: working closely with the client during analysis enabled us to develop and refine the narrative, interrogating the data to ensure it was robust to media criticism.

Social & Political Times

Key to the findings was examining the role that coming together offline, IRL, to share ideas and plan action, is increasingly playing in these challenging social and political times. The work provided Eventbrite with a series of reports to use in press releases, these gaining editorial coverage across a total of 26 media outlets.

"Americans are attending more live events than ever before. In the past year, four out of five Americans (78%) attended a live event, ranging from entertainment-focused experiences like music concerts and beer festivals, to more cause-related events like marches and rallies. Our increased preference for live experiences is being driven by a strong desire to connect with people, our communities, and the world — and there’s no doubt that the current political climate is contributing to this uptick."
Eventbrite Press Release