User Experience

Developing apps that work for young children (think entertainment) and their parents (now think education)

We’ve tackled user experience – thinking in terms of the specifics of digital navigation and the broader notion of the online and offline interface between brands and their audiences – for many different clients. We’ve chosen to feature this case study, though, because of the specific challenges of researching young children and their parents.


Against an increasingly competitive backdrop of children’s apps, Crowd DNA was called upon to conduct research across three stages.

1. Assessing the current offering in the context of the competitive set.

2. Exploring appeal and comprehension of the prototype and its features.

3. Gaining a longer read on the strengths/weaknesses of the app, through more longitudinal evaluation.

Our work included parent and child depth + surf sessions, video blog reports by the parents and competitor analysis – all the way through, with particular focus on methods that took account of the cognitive stages of child development. Our work presented clear and actionable recommendations – both for further development of the app and for broader assessment of its role in Disney’s pre-teen ecosystem.

A brief clip of the UX work (no volume).