Dr Martens

Global Style Trends


How are style trends changing in China, France, the UK, US, Japan and South Korea? That’s what Dr Martens asked us, so we got exploring

  • Leveraging our Global Youth Tribes Framework, and working with a host of carefully selected local experts, we shaped comprehensive cultural maps of 16-35 year olds in each market, covering their socio-demographic make-up, the key markers of identity, what their media diaries and social lives look like – as well as how to spot them in a crowd, naturally.

  • Thus we plunged headfirst into a world of punky Kimchibillies, teen Night Riders and brand obsessed Dwenjangs in South Korea; the coolest Geeks and Makeover Maniacs in the USA, and the UK’s Tumblr Kids and New Casuals.

  • Sharing all of this fascinating work also took attention to detail, with us creating editorialised snapshots for the brand’s geographically dispersed marketing teams. We assisted on quantitative audience sizing work; plus evidenced how influence works – not only within the countries but between them (ie, are Fixie Riders in Korea influenced by Fixie Riders in the US?). This is very much the stuff that makes us tick.