Exploring Consumption

Inspiring urban change-makers around the world

Fostering Urban Engagement

As our cities grow (and it is estimated that three billion more people will join the gargantuan urban population by 2050) so, in tandem, are consumption levels. But as much as cities are part of the problem, they are also a home of solutions – the birthplace of innovation and game changing ideas.

Greenpeace’s new campaign looks to leverage that opportunity for effective urban engagement, encouraging a prosumer audience to adopt a low carbon lifestyle and influence those around them. They reached out to Crowd DNA to get deep inside the most relevant cultural forces; to define the audience, their needs and the optimum channels through which to reach them.

We blended a set of Crowd DNA’s most trustworthy methods for this project:

+ Extensive analysis of urban trends and media

+ Geolocation-led social media exploration to uncover breakthrough examples of activism and social movements - and the chief protagonists at work in each case

+ Interviews with members of our KIN network of creators and connectors in key cities around the world to interrogate the realities of striving for positive progression

Inspiring Urban Change-Makers

Our strategic recommendations ran the full gamut from presenting the prime cultural shifts, to profiling the audience, to identifying the most visceral communication opportunities. At all stages, we made the findings tangible and relatable through provocative global case studies and powerful stimulus material.

We’re proud and excited to see that Greenpeace’s new platform is now taking shape – and ready to inspire urban change-makers around the world.