Getting Emotional

Powering the journey from app to brand

The Modern Football Experience

With a monthly reach of 25 million football fans, 180 employees, 20,000 news sources and capabilities across 12 languages on both its own platforms (app and website) and a host of social channels, Berlin-based Onefootball is a leading example of the new wave of sports media brand, unencumbered by legacy and designed to reach a next generation of fans.

However, Onefootball is still on the journey from product to brand and, in seeking to define what it stands for, commissioned Crowd DNA to explore the role of emotion in the modern football experience. This work would inform a major branding initiative, spanning look, feel and message. Game on.

Methods & Markets

1. A series of Onefootball stakeholder interviews, to unlock audience and brand perspectives from across the different teams (marketing, product, content, partnerships, sales)

2. We then focused on the priority markets for this work: Brazil, Germany and the UK, collaborating with football fans, varying from the casual to hardcore

3. We set citizen journalism briefs for them to respond to by mobile; also having access to their Instagram accounts to gather colourful stimulus material on how they like to portray themselves

4. We selected the most relevant participants from the mobile phase, conducting in-person friendship groups to learn more about the social and cultural value of football fandom. We watched games; we checked out memorabilia; we uncovered match-day rituals and the role of sports media across the week

Back To Berlin

This gave us high grade fuel to take back to Berlin, informing a workshop day that brought together:

+ Gen Z trends

+ Six themes of fandom

+ More granular insights around perceptions of Onefootball and competitor media

Identifying the richest territories to move forwards with, Onefootball’s dynamic new purpose and identity is now taking shape.