Open Your World

Eight provocations for a strong proposition...

Future Purpose & Ambition

Heineken is the most widely distributed beer in the world. Good news, in many ways, but the challenge is for it not to be seen as ‘industrial’, or as the safe choice. The brand has worked with its Open Your World communications proposition for a long time and it has served them well.

However, if it’s to truly articulate future purpose and ambition, it was felt it now needs to be instilled with more energy and a sharper edge, Thus Heineken called on Crowd DNA to run activity that would challenge current perceptions of what Open Your World stands for – both within the brand and among their line-up of incumbent agencies.

Rather than conducting fresh consumer research – which would have been unnecessary in this instance – we gathered stimulus and direction via different sources:

Trends & Expert Views

1: We tapped into our significant back catalogue of insights on the target audience of 20/30-something males - particularly looking at themes such as risk aversion and their appetite for new experiences

2: We combined this with meticulous trends analysis and a series of interviews with experts who could bring transferable learnings into play - such as the CEO of a male skincare company and the organiser of extreme adventure holidays


We packaged our work into eight provocations: a collection of ways to disrupt entrenched thinking about what Open Your World represents; including how it could now refer to greater emotional openness among males, or as evolving attitudes to borders and different cultures.

Stimulus Material

We produced stimulus material (posters, short films, collected artefacts) to represent each provocation, running a workshop event in Amsterdam, at which Heineken and its agencies immersed themselves in the ideas, and where we collectively designed a dynamic and purposeful new vision for Open Your World.

A winning provocation emerged from the pack, laying impressive foundations for new campaign work.

Creating stimulus material to ignite fresh thinking
Creating stimulus material to ignite fresh thinking
Shaping up the provocations
Shaping up the provocations