Up Close On Grooming

Getting past 'vanilla insights' and into personal spaces in Europe, the US and South America

‘Vanilla insights’ – they’re not a good thing. But the client felt this was what they’d been getting when trying to delve into the grooming rituals of young guys in various markets. Our key objective, then: to shed truly revealing light on shaving routines/styles and the areas of the body (all the areas!) considered for trimming.

We had a week to turn this one around, conducting a video blogging study (covering Brazil, the US, France and Germany) in which our participants filmed their shaving routines across seven days; from prepping for the working week through to detailed beard and body topiary before dates, social events and the weekend. Participants adding further detail via Tumblr blogs

The results highlighted some distinct typologies, in the form of those looking to maintain a largely set look and those who are forever customising. We noted a change in the values imbued within shaving rituals, a greater quest for perfection and, perhaps less remarkably, the over-riding sentiment that the future will remain rather beardy…

We can’t get into the nitty gritty of the findings, but here’s a video showing a flavour of the work.